Taxi Home

My husband went to a Beer Festival with the men this afternoon. I began getting worried when he hadn’t returned home at (12.45am) and had assumed he’d gone to a friend’s house. Decided to settle into bed to avoid him because he’s not a jolly drunk.  Then the doorbell rang: Quarter to one He’s still not home […]

Noisy Flatmate Limerick

Apologies for the dark ending, my imagination led me there.   He tried to undo her buckle with his hands – clumsy and muckle. So she undressed herself but fell into the shelf. It’s then they began to chuckle.   Her flatmate was rather perturbed; from her sleep  – she was now disturbed. She’d heard the […]

A Cuppa and a Chat

Hi!  Come in, it’s so nice of you to visit. Excuse the mess!  If I had known you were coming I’d have tidied up (hid some stuff in cupboards to appear tidy).  You tried phoning my mobile? It’s been broken for a week so I’ve no phone. I’ve not missed my mobile; well only in the bath. I like […]

The Dancing Spree

She’s on her way on this fine day; whilst the sea advances – expecting dalliances.   Her final drive; she’ll soon arrive. Pick a spot, set her free – on her dancing spree.   A sudden gust; scattered stardust. Off she flies forever – unknown endeavour.   My mother-in-law’s ashes were scattered on the beach today, […]

The Grafter

  Hard working Back breaking Aching   nails snapped Skin chapped Trapped   Misses learning Just keep earning Yearning   Pays for stuff Never enough Tough   Missed the goal Don’t feel whole Lost soul   Cuts through fog Escapes slog Writes blog   Writers come from all walks of life and for people like me, […]