Shiny Wrapper – Rotten Inside


 Your shiny wrapper’s lost its sheen

now I’ve talked to you.

I can see now you’re kinda rude

and the waiter sees it too.


You’ve taken the time to place your knife

in the perfectly correct position.

But you’ve no time at all for me

and just don’t want to listen.


I’m happy you’re a great success

and those clothes are so in style.

But your shallowness is depressing

and I want to run a mile.


You’ve no interest in different folk –

your friends are all the same.

You’re missing the diversity

and it really is a shame.


I know my wrappings tatty

and you feel I’m second class.

But that’s ok I’m not your friend –

you’re nothing but an ass.


My mammy has a phrase

to show her point of view.

It’s one I think is fitting

and what I see in you:


A woman I worked with years ago was a ‘Dame’ – an honour bestowed on her by the Queen for her services to charity. Oh the irony! This Dame was telling a colleague how awful it was when the shopkeeper tried to converse with her – she had no time for shopkeepers’ small talk. It was obvious this woman believed the shopkeeper was ‘below’ her. Services to charity, eh?

The style, class, lovely table manners and titles given by the Queen are appealing and shiny on the outside – like a beautifully wrapped sweet. However, take that wrapper off and sometimes you discover something rotten.

I’m always sure to thank the waiter and make polite (2 way) conversation around the table ensuring everyone is included.  I don’t have a title from the queen for my charity work, but I was brought up with good manners and I’m polite.  We’re all equal and each person has value – you’re no better than anyone else. As my mum says, ‘treat others as you wish to be treated yourself.’

I’m a sweet with a plain wrapper but I’m shiny on the inside! I just need to work on the shiny wrapping.