The Old Red Dress

Dirty secrets hidden at the back Where thigh tingling hems skimmed brown flesh And sensual hands shifted silk over head A red dress crumpled on a bed Sensible knee length neighbours Await open doors to the usual places Jilted red dress remains in the dark Hoping for some reignited spark Escapes the inner confinements Clinging […]

My First Love

You’re my first love, helped me grow My teacher – the best mum I know.   You’re my critic; advisor. My top fan – older and wiser.   You’re my blanket; soft and warm. My shelter – away from the storm.   You’re my safe house; protection. My compass – for lost direction.   You’re my […]

(Un)helpful Advice

via Daily Prompt: Criticize


I have friends with children who often come across overly-critical relatives/friends/random folk in shops,  who believe their advice is best.  I’m sure they often mean well, but many friends have felt like failures because they feel they aren’t doing the parenting thing right.  Here is a poem to reflect this scenario:


No bottles love, the breast is best!

When baby sleeps, you must have rest.

He’s only small, don’t let him cry.

You must ensure that nappy’s dry.

No wipes on him, his skin in new.

You can’t do that, I thought you knew.

Not walking yet, I’d check that out.

Oh naughty boy, he must not shout!

You need to clean, house is a mess

You must calm down, he’ll sense your stress

He bit again, need that to stop.

Look there he goes, another strop!

When back to work, you must be bored?

You’ve fancy stuff you can’t afford.

Her down the road, she’s never home.

Her mother’s got those kids alone.

You’re such hard work, what’s wrong with you?

I’m not allowed to say what’s true!

Not critical, just good advice!

You’ve hurt me now, you’re never nice!


I’m fortunate that I have an amazing mother who doesn’t get offended if I take or leave her advice. I often leave it 🙂



Talk. Listen. Debate.

Below is my interpretation of what it’s like to have disagreements from baby to adulthood. It’s obviously not a representation of the whole population, but it does seem to be more prevalent in today’s current political climate.  Many people are feeling overwhelmed by it all at the moment, and are unable to recognize and understand the other persons point of view. I am guilty of this too.






It will be better when

they can ask each other why.




Bad boy!

It’s this!

Not true!

It’ll be better when

they listen to others points of view







It’ll be better when

they learn to debate





Shut it!

Ban it!

It’ll be better when

they calmly transmit.







It will be better when

they can ask each other why.


Trump. Scottish Independence. Brexit. That’s what I’m being bombarded with at the moment and I’m becoming more aware of the Propaganda surrounding all.  The fake news is everywhere and many are taking it as proof of their own argument, not realising it may be untrue or irrelevant. Name calling doesn’t work (and I’m guilty of this). The only thing that works is listening to others points of view. Being analytical, trying to understand. Realising the propaganda machine is working on overdrive and hesitating/researching before clicking share, retweet and whatever else young folk use that I don’t have a clue about. We could try to engage in the debate and give them an understanding of our opinions whilst also listening to their side of the argument.  If not that, then what?  I’m out of ideas.

Here are two links to places that I believe (but who really knows anymore) are unbiased. If you know of any news sources you find trustworthy, then I would love you to let me know below: