Back to School Blues



Sharpening his pencils;
ironing his clothes.
Wishing it would slow down –
how fast the time all goes.

Packing up his schoolbag;
new shoes up a size.
Seeing that he’s growing –
mammy wipes her eyes.

Every year he’s moving,
another step away.
Feels his hands in hers now –
he’s still a child today.

Trousers getting longer;
time can’t be ignored.
Although she wants him closer –
life’s there to be explored.

Today my boy returned to school today after an “awesome summer” (in his own words).  He is a home buddy and was terribly sad on the walk this morning. He’s also quite lazy so the thought of school work and homework and having to do any type of work depressed him. Fair enough; I get it.  He probably takes after me.

Why was I so sad though? He’s eight and going into primary five. I’ve been through the back to school ritual a few times before. I think it’s the realisation that the clothes are getting bigger, the work is getting harder and my little boy is taking another step further away from me.  If I’m honest though, I’ve enjoyed the peace and quiet today and managed a personal best on my run. It’s not all doom and gloom 🙂


Plastic Friend

  You don’t want to be here Eyelashes don’t lie they’re ready to fly You can’t be trusted Joker lips are badass Words not worth a brass You can’t be read Spray tan hides your face Emotions lost – no trace You’re somewhere else Posing on a phone Whilst I’m here alone You’re playing with me I’m […]

The School Bag


The School Bag

A new school bag
He’s forced to own
Such a drag
Choices thrown

Hauling behind
A weight on back
The daily grind
His worries stack

World on shoulders
Pressure is high
He carries boulders
So cannot fly

A bag of work
and evenings in
Where failures lurk
It’s wearing thin

No longer free
He’s feeling glum
Just wants to flee
So cries for mum




A Secure Place

cristian-newman-63291 (1).jpg

This is your home now, a place that’s secure
A safe space for you with nurses who care
Less of a worry, a relief for sure.

No long nights alone for you to endure
Someone to call on should you have a scare
This is your home now, a place that’s secure

You say you’re happy but you seem unsure
A problem can half if you choose to share
Less of a worry, a relief for sure.

We’re glad you have help, good hands they ensure
You fell again but they’ve made us aware
This is your home now, a place that’s secure

It’s no Cuckoo’s nest, her talk is obscure
With thoughts so confused she needs to be there
Less of a worry, a relief for sure.

She tells tall tales of dark nights with fervour
but words stutter and trip and bruises swear
This is her home now, a place that’s secure
Less of a worry, a relief for sure.

This was my first try at a Villanelle; a 19 line poem with only two rhymes throughout and two lines repeated. I was inspired to write it after reading a post over at dVerse. I chickened out on joining in with their group submissions though.

The Old Red Dress

Dirty secrets hidden at the back Where thigh tingling hems skimmed brown flesh And sensual hands shifted silk over head A red dress crumpled on a bed Sensible knee length neighbours Await open doors to the usual places Jilted red dress remains in the dark Hoping for some reignited spark Escapes the inner confinements Clinging […]

Feeling Small

Poem Below Last week I met a friend from the past. I forgot that she was into fake tanning and was surprised by her colour. She looked great though, just a brown version of how she used to look. It’s guaranteed that any time I ever meet anyone from the past I look awful.  Last […]


Warning: Some may find this distressing.  I wrote this thinking of the tough times a friend had whilst growing up.  I spend much of my time with children and wrap them up in cotton wool (take good care of them).  Cannot understand why anyone could hurt a child.

The fork clatters on the floor;

footsteps coming through the door.

“Dropped again you foolish child!”

Clenched fist thumps right beside him.

Child freezes every limb.


Words tied up without release;

the waiting crowds’ smiles cease.

“Embarrassed me, silly fool!”

Hammer hand descents to cheek.

Brave face on, don’t be weak.


The bed sodden when he wakes.

Hairdryer on before he breaks.

“What the fuck, BABY boy?”

Shoved head first in yellow sheets.

Grabs her belt and then


In response to the daily prompt panicked.