Time – A Review

Maybe it’s because my son turned eight today or perhaps it’s because we’re getting to the end of another quick year, but I feel the need to review TIME. We have a chequered history, from running out of time, never having enough, not appreciating or taking the time.  It used to last forever but since I turned 30 it’s sped up. Here are my main issues with time:



The children I work with will tell me they did something “ages and ages ago” only for me to find that it happened two days ago.   They appreciate the simple things along with the big, which in turn creates multi-dimensional days of highs and lows and an assortment of experiences. Those jam-packed days allow them to make the most of the time they’ve been given.  Adults are on an ever-moving rollercoaster – sleep, work, chores, family commitments, chores, sleep and then all over again. We speed up the midweek to get to the weekend. It’s a countdown.  No wonder our time goes faster!  In a year of 365 days, there are 104 weekend days. This means that there are 261 midweek days that we try to fast forward. Factor in the Sundays where many people are depressed at the thought of going back to work and it paints a bleak picture of how we use our time. No wonder time runs away from us.

I love holidays – I take in new experiences and places.  So much has happened to me in the fortnight but back home I’m surprised everything has stayed the same! I think this is the closest to how a child’s relationship is with time – it’s stuffed full of new exciting things and there’s ‘enough’.  Perhaps we need to stop blaming time for speeding up and just slow down to appreciate and find interest in the moment. Find ‘enough’ in the time we have – not be pre-occupied with an imagined better future.

Making the most of time


We often have so many work/study/family commitments that it’s difficult to fit it all in. It’s true that there are just not enough hours in the day for many people. Prioritising is perhaps a way of tackling this. What’s more important, watching tv or spending time with the family? Reading/writing or sleep? A fancy car or a few hours a week more free-time? It’s easy for me to say, but I know some people don’t have many options.  They’re doing the best they can with the time they have. I’ve recently been struggling to make the time for anything other than work and college coursework. I’ve no words of wisdom, only that hopefully “this too shall pass.”


Perhaps the most heart-breaking of all is ‘The Last Time’. The sad thing about the last time is that you rarely know it is. Even if you do, you don’t know how you’ll feel when it’s gone. Here are a few of my last times:

  • The last time my son sat on my knee drinking his milk from a baby bottle.
  • The last time I was in a nightclub and didn’t feel old.
  • The last time I saw my granny.
  • The last time I didn’t have responsibility for anyone else.
  • The last time I saw Fiona and was abrupt to her. She was 36 and died suddenly a few days later.
  • The last time I kissed another man (not knowing the next would be my husband).
  • The last time my tiny son snuggled in my arms.
They grow up in a blink

 At the time, you feel as though things will be the same forever.  Then one day you blink and everything has changed. A group of four ’60 somethings’ I know used to holiday in Florida every year. In the space of a year, two died and now a third is terminally ill. This is how quickly and unexpected ‘The Last Time’ can come.

 This is the first time I’ve sat down and given much time to the concept of time. Now that I’ve analysed it in more depth, here is my conclusion:

  • If I could bottle up certain times, I would. But I can’t, so I won’t.  Instead I’ll make the most of the moments when they happen. I’ll stop and smell the roses.
  • I’ll try to stop wishing my life away for weekends or special events. Instead I’ll appreciate the now. If I’m stuck in a car for hours I’ll listen to my favourite tunes. When ironing (I hate ironing) I’ll put on a box set or watch an inspiring documentary. I’ll try to find ‘enough’ in the time I have – even the boring times.
  • I’ll prioritise my time when possible to ensure I’m spending time on things and people I love.
  • The last time – well, we rarely know when it is. I’ll just have to make the most of every moment then, won’t I?


Names will Always Hurt

“The best index to a person’s character is how he treats people who can’t do him any good, and how he treats people who can’t fight back.”
Abigail Van Buren

It’s Day five of the Blogging University inspiration Course… well no, it’s actually Day 8 but I’m behind! For day five I had to create a block quote on my page and discuss.

I’ve chosen one from American columnist Abigail Van Buren. This quote reminded me it was anti-bullying week in the UK last week and the poem is about bullying. It’s all over the place but then someone who is being bullied might feel all over the pace too.

I cleared out my brain. Picked out those scathing words –

ones that caused pain. Dug a hole, buried

them deep.  Negativity joined the heap.

They disappeared into the ground.

Made way for fresh words – peace was found.

The dog kept digging but I shooed it away.

“This isn’t your garden to spoil,” I’d say.

I patted that dirt back down.

Pat, pat on the grass. There, there.

Yesterday the pack came around. Tore up my garden,

messed with the ground.  I couldn’t stop them.

Words ripped the flower bed apart. Mayhem.

Trampled tranquillity, goaded Calm.

They welcomed fragility.

Can’t fight much longer. Anger is strong.

Frustration stands by, thinking it wrong.

Sadness lays on the flower bed.

Happiness plays dead.

There’s too much mess.

I can’t put them back underground.

Sadness refuses to move. Hello stress.

There’s too much to fix.

Those old dogs and their tricks.

Your scathing words in my head again.

Negativity joins pain.

Anger’s bolted.

There’s no fight left.

Feeling bereft.

They’re winning.


Services no Longer Required



It’s day four of the Blogging University Course and the task today is to write a poem relating to the photo prompt. There were four photos and I struggled picking just one. In the end I’ve picked two and I’ll post the other photo and poem later. I’m also doing two because I’m procrastinating over my mountainous college homework assessments, business paperwork and housework.

I thought the man in the photo could be sad and lonely. I started thinking that perhaps his wife has gone and I wondered what his life could have been like.  It’s a depressing one.

Sitting alone;

grieving, bereft.

She’s 2 years gone –

what’s now left?


Thinking way back;

busy, complete.

With their close pack –

life was sweet.


Children all grown;

partnered, attached.

Nest is now flown –

babies hatched.


Helping them out;

childcare supplied.

Without a doubt –

never denied.


Aged in a blink;

aching, tired.

Kids never think –

service required.


They withdrew

when hard times knocked.

Impatience grew –

empathy blocked.


She’s underground.

Lonely, apart.

They’re not around –

broken heart.


Where did they go?

Family craved.

Nothing to show

for love they gave.

The Hopeful Fairy

It’s day three of Blogging University Inspiration course and for this I was to respond to a word prompt and write anything I wanted.  There were six word prompts to choose from.  I gave myself more of a challenge and picked two of the prompts ‘hope’ and ‘home.’ A third, ‘choice’ was used as the theme.

As you’ll see, it’s a poem for children. Apologies for writing a Christmas poem in November, but that’s where my imagination went 🙂

Credits: notonthehighstreet.com


Stuck in a storeroom.

Stuck in a box.

Stuck with these baubles –

and nobody talks.


She wants to be shiny.

She wants to be seen.

She wants a fine dress –

but this one is green.


At last it’s December!

At last on a shelf!

At last she’ll make friends –

but stuck by herself!


A new home for fairy.

A home with a tree!

Will she sit on top?

Oh, where will she be?


Her hopes are shattered.

A shiny angel is placed

in the home that she wanted –

it’s the bottom she’s based 😦


She blames the green dress

as she cries on the tree.

“It just isn’t fair –

it should have been me!”


One night her owner’s

beside on the floor.

“She’ll be here for the angel;

I’m green – she’ll ignore.”


But the girl takes fairy!

Places her on her knee:

“I love you the most

you remind me of me.”


It’s then fairy knew

what this can all mean

“We love different things –

and this girl loves green!”


I remember the hours of fun I had playing with the fairies on my Christmas Tree as a child. The fancy one was never played with because it was up so high.  I loved the little ‘not so stunning’ ones better anyway.