It’s slowed. The excitement gone from BOOMBOOMBOOM to          boom                        boom                             boom.   It’s automatic. deep and meaningful no more. Now robots say “How was your day?”   It’s trying less. Waxing, preening, matching. It’s too much work – advances I shirk.   It’s irritating; not laid back lounging. Just plain lazy and […]

The Ex



It was funny meeting you again,

and awkward in a way.

It really has been quite some time,

11 years you say?


I think I owe you an apology,

was in the wrong crowd and high a lot.

You say I never turned up that night?

I think I’d lost the plot.


We did share a few cool nights,

in schools’ final twilight week.

Those end days were crazy times though

like playing hide and seek.



Yes it’s been quite a few years now,

and there was an awfully lot unsaid.

Star Wars was our final date here.

Before we went to bed.


It’s too late to apologise,

was hurt and disappointed at the time.

I see you still don’t listen do you?

I said it was 11 years and nine.


I’d like you to meet my son.

It’s his birthday here today.

 We’re in to see the Force Awakens,

does he look familiar by the way?


Friends said he’s a miniature version,

of his daddy – and it’s true.

It’s taken years to finally accept

that he’s a perfect clone of YOU!


In response to the daily word prompt Miniature


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