The Love Affair

Wants a mate –

thinks she’s found

one that’s great.

Get him round,

offer bait –

common ground.

Make a date.

Gaining ground –

Eyes dilate.

Words profound.

Fast heart rate –

they’re spell bound.

Gain some weight.

Tightly wound.

Much debate.

Heads will pound.

Must berate.

Fights compound


Fool around.

Feeling hate.

Come unbound.

Clean the slate.

Apologies for the punctuation or any errors. I’m writing this on my phone as I travel from Glasgow to London on the train. Things have been quiet on my blog because I’ve been on a couple of short breaks. Was near London with my mum last week for the Hampton Court Flower Show. It’s beautiful there and the palace is where Henry VIII lived. A couple of days later I went through to Edinburgh with my son for his first hostelling experience –  a cheap break away. My husband and son joining me on this trip and we’ll be exploring some of the South Coast of England.

In other news, I’ve taken up walk/jogging again. Most folk call it running but it’s more of a walk/jog that I do. My son is joining me once or twice a week too. I reckoned I could use him as an excuse not to jog (because I’m looking after him) or I could take him with me. He complains for the first km but then he’s racing ahead for the rest of the four km. Might even try some walk/jogging during this holiday. Or maybe not!







 It’s slowed. The excitement gone from BOOMBOOMBOOM to          boom                        boom                             boom.   It’s automatic. deep and meaningful no more. Now robots say “How was your day?”   It’s trying less. Waxing, preening, matching. It’s too much work – advances I shirk.   It’s irritating; not laid back lounging. Just plain lazy and […]

Love Unrequited

via Daily Prompt: Bludgeon

I’ve been dumped; chucked; broken up with; it hasn’t been me  – it was them; jilted and I’ve had many a relationship terminated. I’ve also been the chucker/dumper and it’s always been better that way. Always got over it quickly when I was doing the jilting.  That’s the thing, when you finish it you can move on quickly because your heart isn’t in it anymore.  It’s tough being broken up with. One day you’re hand in hand exploring everything together and the next day  they’re running for the hills. It’s confusing.  A friend once said it was worse than a bereavement because the person is still alive but they just don’t want you anymore.  I think that’s minimising death, but it’s an awful experience.  Here’s someone who isn’t taking the breakup very well:


Why won’t you come, why won’t you speak?

You took the time to whisper nothings –

said I was unique.


Why won’t you come, why won’t you listen?

You took the time to hear my moaning

and watch me glisten.


Why won’t you come, what have I done?

You took the time to give me your love

but now you have none.


Why won’t you come, why d’you ignore?

You’re giving your time to someone else

but she’s just a whore.


Would you speak if I captured you?

If you were starving and frightened

and nobody knew?


Would you see me when filled with dread

as I took a heavy bludgeon

and hammered your head?

Bitter Split


Credits: Unsplash


Sometimes a relationship ends and feelings are fraught with anger and resentment:


I don’t like you, think the feeling is mutual.

We just don’t get along – I’m being truthful.

Once upon a time ago you were my match;

but it’s over now, you’re no longer a catch.


Nothing ever pleases you, you’re such a grump.

You don’t like my looks and you say I’m a frump.

I try to do everything to keep the peace –

but your complaints against me always increase.


Everything I say to you, you disagree.

I’d be as well alone, I’m already at sea.

I need self-worth to improve my existence –

no longer choosing path of least resistance.


Now the straw’s broke my back and I’ve had enough.

I finally know life should not be this tough.

You seem to think you can do better than me,

and I’m leaving now so you’ll soon get to see.


I have no good wishes for you in the least.

Let misery rain down on you – nasty beast.

Illness and loneliness, poverty and all;

want the worst for you – hope you’re in for a fall.

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The Break-Up

Daily Prompt: Carryphoto-1440367850806-da68da359421[1].jpg


I’ll carry you with me wherever I go,

For my love for you will never outgrow

You’ll never be sad or afraid of the new

When you have me dear, to carry you through


In the night when black dreams threaten and shout

I’ll sit with you and we’ll carry them out

When you feel alone and in need of a friend

Just lean on me, your loving boyfriend


My delicate flower, so tender and loving

My life would be complete

If you had one in the oven



Thank you so much, your words are too kind

But I’ve been meaning to tell you

I’m wanting out of this bind


You’re in love, I get it

And at first I was too

But your constant adoration

Was too good to be true


Your offer to carry me wherever you go

Was a mighty big promise, and one I’ll forgo

I’m an independent girl and will just keep walking

The continuous attention was verging on stalking


I do lie awake, dark thoughts giving me the chills

Your wish to replicate

Has me running for the hills!


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