Taxi Home

My husband went to a Beer Festival with the men this afternoon. I began getting worried when he hadn’t returned home at (12.45am) and had assumed he’d gone to a friend’s house. Decided to settle into bed to avoid him because he’s not a jolly drunk.  Then the doorbell rang: Quarter to one He’s still not home […]

The Old Building

  I walked past the old building yesterday. It’s been boarded up for years now, the boards thick with layer upon layer of bygone Circus and Fairground events; stuck on by people who don’t see the point in removing the one below. The grimy steps are usually home to the local friendly guy (previously wrote […]

Beautiful Friend


Medicine for my soul,

that’s you;

beautiful friend alcohol.

I exhale

before you even touch my lips –

that’s your power.


Caressing when I’m bleak,

smothered by your kisses

‘til I’m weak.

Gasping for breath,

I lose it.


Feeling useless, uncertain –

you cajole me with your clutch.

Buying me confidence,

cockiness – too much,

I lose it.


You beg for more.

Secret companion,

my main vice,

you’re too commanding.

I’m losing.


I’m not me anymore.

Thoughts are suffocating.

You’re taking over,


I want out.


In response to the word prompt vice

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