A Secure Place

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This is your home now, a place that’s secure
A safe space for you with nurses who care
Less of a worry, a relief for sure.

No long nights alone for you to endure
Someone to call on should you have a scare
This is your home now, a place that’s secure

You say you’re happy but you seem unsure
A problem can half if you choose to share
Less of a worry, a relief for sure.

We’re glad you have help, good hands they ensure
You fell again but they’ve made us aware
This is your home now, a place that’s secure

It’s no Cuckoo’s nest, her talk is obscure
With thoughts so confused she needs to be there
Less of a worry, a relief for sure.

She tells tall tales of dark nights with fervour
but words stutter and trip and bruises swear
This is her home now, a place that’s secure
Less of a worry, a relief for sure.

This was my first try at a Villanelle; a 19 line poem with only two rhymes throughout and two lines repeated. I was inspired to write it after reading a post over at dVerse. I chickened out on joining in with their group submissions though.

The Old Red Dress

Dirty secrets hidden at the back Where thigh tingling hems skimmed brown flesh And sensual hands shifted silk over head A red dress crumpled on a bed Sensible knee length neighbours Await open doors to the usual places Jilted red dress remains in the dark Hoping for some reignited spark Escapes the inner confinements Clinging […]

Tinder Tower


It’s difficult for me to comprehend the suffering of those who were in Grenfell Tower when the fire struck. There are now many questions needing answered.  Reports are coming in describing what could have went wrong at Grenfell (the list is long).  There are stories of Government officials  ignoring safety advice in order to save money and cut corners.

They wanted pretty
Got kitchen sink gritty
Like a sore thumb
Hanging over them

Differences forbidden
Wrap it up, nicely hidden
Tinder tower white
Dangers lurk in sight

I’m Alright Jack

Definition:  Alright Jack is a UK slang term used to indicate those who acts only in their own best interests even if assistance to others would necessitate minimal effort on their behalf.

I Care much. I’m

In touch.  I


Got mine. I’m

Just fine. I


have job. I’m

No yob. I


Vote right. I

Will fight. I’m


Robbed blind. I

Do mind. I


Won’t share. I

Don’t care.


Inspired by Gwendolyn Brooks, ‘We Real Cool’.

Feeling Small

Poem Below Last week I met a friend from the past. I forgot that she was into fake tanning and was surprised by her colour. She looked great though, just a brown version of how she used to look. It’s guaranteed that any time I ever meet anyone from the past I look awful.  Last […]

The Blind Mice

Another British General Election and more mayhem. The Tories failed to get a majority, resulting in a hung parliament. The solution? A new government being formed between The Conservatives and the DUP. * explanations below the poem. The blind mice rolled the dice without a guide  * Just British pride – we’ll pay the price. The boss fled  […]