The ache radiates

‘til he’s wound up

in it.

Tests await.

Weeks,  days

and hours.

Counting days

’til the mail drops.

Gold star –

but not yet.


but let’s just…

Ten more weeks to wait.

Dark secrets inside –


All in the mind


something more.


I’m waiting for the call

to say he’s fine.

A worry over nothing –

or a mountain to climb.

Saved by Men


Cinderella’s a role model –

rich prince she did wed.

So you must be a beauty

to escape life of dread.

Bookish Belle is a stunner –

ugly Beast is not nice.

So boys must be real handsome

for girls to think twice.

Snow White stays with men –

who refuse to do chores.

So to keep boys happy

you should clean dirty floors.

Pink lady was prey.

“Did she put up a fight?”

So girls just surrender –

treat those boys right.

Pretty Woman was Cinderella;

needing rescued again.

Men always save women –

will we ever learn?

The portrayal of women (and men) in the media is skewed and unrealistic; yet children and many adults believe they are not living up to societies expectations of what is acceptable. I’d love to see more balance in the media, less gender stereotyping and men and woman being shown on a level footing. Do you know they tried to make Brave’s  Princess Merida slimmer and more glamorous? It’s a Disney movie for young children! Thankfully a petition put a stop to that.

I’d be interested to know if you have a favourite female or male character from tv/film/novel you’d like to tell me about? I’m always on the look-out for positive role models to show the children I look after. I bought the book Rosie Revere Engineer last week and the children love it.  It has a positive message about not giving up and having a good first failure. A delightful book that both boys and girls love.


Warning: Some may find this distressing.  I wrote this thinking of the tough times a friend had whilst growing up.  I spend much of my time with children and wrap them up in cotton wool (take good care of them).  Cannot understand why anyone could hurt a child.

The fork clatters on the floor;

footsteps coming through the door.

“Dropped again you foolish child!”

Clenched fist thumps right beside him.

Child freezes every limb.


Words tied up without release;

the waiting crowds’ smiles cease.

“Embarrassed me, silly fool!”

Hammer hand descents to cheek.

Brave face on, don’t be weak.


The bed sodden when he wakes.

Hairdryer on before he breaks.

“What the fuck, BABY boy?”

Shoved head first in yellow sheets.

Grabs her belt and then


In response to the daily prompt panicked.

Lost the Glow


To the tune of “Like a Rolling Stone”.  Apologies to Dylan fans!

Many moons ago

you were all aglow.

Blanked the ones below.

You were in the know –

weren’t you?


Friends pled,

“watch out”, they said.

“We’ve got the dread

for what lies ahead

awaiting you.”


You teased and ridiculed

all the people

that you fooled.

Now you don’t

shine so bright;

now you hide

out of sight

scared of what they’ll think

of you.


How does it feel?

How does it feel?

You’ve lost your way,

a discarded stray

and your glow’s turned grey.


I doubt Bob Dylan would be impressed! On the up side I had a lot of fun writing it and managed to include yesterday’s word prompt grey (British spelling)  🙂



Taxi Home

My husband went to a Beer Festival with the men this afternoon. I began getting worried when he hadn’t returned home at (12.45am) and had assumed he’d gone to a friend’s house. Decided to settle into bed to avoid him because he’s not a jolly drunk.  Then the doorbell rang: Quarter to one He’s still not home […]