Wading Through the Mud

  Introduction to Poetry: Day 4 – Simile including the theme of journey   Another day, another Introduction to Poetry task. This one was enjoyable. I just had to describe something to be like another thing usually not related.  For more information see this Introduction to Poetry ink.   Niggles, nagging doubt Numbness needing checked out […]

Introduction to Poetry: Day 2 – Alliteration

Transparent, trusty, truthful –

Trump tempts us with his spin.

Talks of triumph over terror;

pull the trigger and he’ll win.


Forget frightened faces

of those fleeing from their fate.

We’re fearful for our future –

freeze them out now, make us great!


Kind hearts haemorrhage

as hackles raise with hate.

The hostiles have a chance now –

he’s a hero in debate.


Peaceful people panic;

persecutions will commence.

The pleading isn’t working-

should they plan for their defence?


My Task for Day 2 of the Intro to Poetry was alliteration.  The goal of alliteration is to repeat the same sound to give the words more of a powerful effect. I just used the repetition at the beginning of words for this poem, but you can place them in other places too. For more information on the poetry course, follow this link: #introtopoetry. I didn’t quite master getting my sounds to relate to the meaning of my words. I’ll try this out next time.  I was enthusiastic with alliteration here – I went for it!

It’s a political poem and I hope no one is offended.  We luckily live in a democracy and I respect others’ political opinions. I’m actually in Scotland, but didn’t lose friends over Scottish Independence or Brexit differences of opinion.  Trump wouldn’t like the poem.