Who am I? I’m a home buddy who loves slippers and jammies; movies and wine. A childminder to around 10 children (it varies) and mother to 1.  A student doing two night classes and delving into the world of Counselling.  I’ll be sharing activity ideas with you and my tips on behaviour, development and everything child related.

Bargain hunting extraordinaire – I’m at home in charity shops, car boot sales and book stores. If you’re looking for a money no object shopper then I’m not your lady. I’m all for quality but at a knock down price.

I love to travel and will spend days planning the perfect holiday at the right price. On to my third career, but have degrees and previous careers in Marketing/Events and Human Resources. I like to keep up to date with my fields of expertise and enjoy helping people achieve their career goals.


I’m a champion at getting fit and healthy but could receive merits in going off the rails. I enjoy food and alcohol – sometimes too much!  You can join me in my struggles to get things under control.

I’ll often be writing what I think and will be completely honest – this is why I don’t give too much of my identity away. I’ve explained this in my first post. I’m a bit of a rusty writer, so let’s hope I improve.

Walk a mile in my shoes.