The 100 Day Gratitude Challenge – Days 11 to 18!

Ah, I’m not doing well at posting daily. Here is a rundown of my gratitude over the past week. All is accurate and although I didn’t write it daily I did mentally note my thanks every day:

My son was off school with Croup. He seemed absolutely fine, but had that terrible bark that you get with Croup. After spending time with him I really needed to get on with my work. He can sit for hours watching YouTube. There’s a guy called Dan and another called Stampy. Dan is ok but I’m not happy with him setting fire to new expensive toys. There are people who can’t afford to buy their child that very same (and rare) toy! Stampy has an annoying laugh but is kind to his dog. They mostly play computer games on YouTube and are probably multi-millionaires. My son aspires to be just like them. I usually don’t like him watching them for hours but on this day when I had work to get on with and a sick son at home, I was ok with it. I should add that YouTube is excellent for parties. Everyone gets to pick a song they love. There is usually dancing and the oldies like to reminisce. It saves money on buying new music. Thank you YouTube. I am grateful for you.

Now I realise I’m at risk of appearing like a neglectful mother (I’m not)! Son was off again today with his bad cough. We were afraid he’d cough up phlegm because he was running through to the bathroom a lot in the morning. After 9am when the schools were in he was feeling a better – a miracle eh? I was very busy again and grateful that he could spend time playing his Playstation/Xbox. He does spend too much time playing them and I do limit it but on this day it kept him amused and I could get on with my college work. I never thought I would say this, but thank you Games Consoles for (sometimes) making my life a little easier.

Not an actual bullet, but a scan showed up Polyps in his Gall Bladder months ago. He had further tests recently and an appointment with a specialist today. I googled the condition (I know, I know, never google medical conditions) and there was a chance the Polyp could be cancerous. After a two hour wait on the specialist he was taken into a room and told that the Polyp had disappeared. Hurray! He still isn’t feeling good, but I am grateful that he doesn’t have Gall Bladder cancer. I’m thankful that is one bullet he has dodged.

One joy of parenting is being in the privileged position of witnessing first times. My son is almost nine and past the stage of first walks and bike rides etc, but still I get to witness the excitement of other firsts. Today was the first time he walked home from school by himself. He was nervous and didn’t want to do it. I encouraged him because I do need to untie those apron strings. It’s a quick walk down a hill and two road crosses with lollypop people. I watched him from upstairs as he walked down, then went outside for him coming home. Doesn’t he look delighted with himself?



I moved away for ten years and was glad to come back to the area. Back to friends and family. On Friday (like most Friday’s) my son had a sleepover at my mum and dad’s house. He loves it there, they love having him and we love the peace and Saturday lie in bed. Many people struggle to find a babysitter, so I realise how fortunate I am. He eats lots of treats, goes to bed way past his usual bedtime and my mother mollycoddles him. I never complain because they are kind to take him, it’s only one night (so the food and sleep deprivation won’t kill him) and he’s happy. I am grateful to have parents who are happy to babysit and a son who is happy to go.

I love my own company. I like me and I get along fine. No arguments. I can agree with myself on most decisions. Sometimes I can just sit and day dream for a while. Or I’ll google dream holiday destinations. I like to take a leisurely stroll or pop out for a peaceful jog. Nobody is here asking for dinner or where they put their keys or screaming because they don’t want to practise Viola. I don’t have to plaster on a fake smile and make small talk with work colleagues. I can channel hop and not care about another person being bothered. I can concentrate on writing poetry. Long lies alone mean I can stretch out in bed and not listen to anyone snoring. Today my husband left early and my son was with at my parents. I had a few hours of peace. Actually, I have a few hours every week day to myself. Some people think it must be awfully lonely. It’s not for me. I love time by myself and I am grateful for it.

There were two flies in my kitchen. I opened the door to let them out and tried to guide them by batting a large duster towards them. For half an hour. Is this what my life had come to? Some people are out saving lives or building empires and I’m here fighting with flies. No luck. They refused to budge. After a few days, one drowned in the sink. I felt guilty when I smiled at its demise. I was left with one irritating fly. Food on the worktops had to be covered at all times and I was constantly reminding the others in the house to do this. “The Fly! The fly will land on your food!” Sometimes the fly would leave the room and holiday in the play room or living room. Although annoying, I was just grateful it left the kitchen. Now I know what you’re thinking. Why not just kill the filthy fly and be done with it? I can’t. Although I smiled at the death of the drowned friend, I couldn’t live with myself if I killed it. What right do I have to take a life? Weeks passed. It entered the bathroom. I opened the window and sighed with relief. It will exit via the window. But my son left the door open and that was the end of that plan. I realise I’m dedicating a lot of words to the story of the fly. Most have stopped reading. This morning I came down to the kitchen and there was no fly buzzing around. I can’t see it anywhere. I am grateful the fly left. I’ve got my kitchen back.

We are skint. As in really very light on the cash flow. There is no flow. Two weeks until my husband gets paid and the bank balance is at zero. I have lost some childminding children recently (through no fault of my own) and told parents I am looking for new employment. An overdue bill for £160 came in. One of those ones that warn you that they will go to solicitors if you don’t pay. We are fortunate that we’re never usually this skint and rarely get letters like this. I am grateful for my overdraft. With it I was able to get the bill paid.

8 thoughts on “The 100 Day Gratitude Challenge – Days 11 to 18!

  1. So much has happened! My grandson loves Stampy too 🤯 so pleased to read about your dad 🙌 I see my specialist on the 27th Dec. So lovely your son walked home on his own. I too love peace and quiet. Sorry to hear about the cash flow, been there, worn the t-shirt 😏 everything resolves itself in time, don’t stress, live is too short. 😊


  2. An impressive list. I have to laugh… I have a couple of flies buzzing around here the last couple of days and I too have difficulty killing them. Better flies than wasps or bees!


  3. My son had croup when he was five months. I remember that barking cough. It happened in the middle of the night. It was scary when the told us at A&E that he could have suffocated due to the swelling. He got discharged prematurely. We had to go back and show them his chest was still sinking. He was kept in for another week. I hope your son is better now. They do say once they have it they are unlikely to have it again. And glad your dad is in the clear too. I’m a lot more relaxed about games and games consoles now I realise that they can help with imagination and creativity; and that I spent most of my youth playing them too so any berating would be tantamount to hypocrisy. And yes, what is it with flies? They can enter through the smallest of gaps but can’t get out of a big window you kindly open for them. I had one in my study a few months back that kept flying for hours between the opposite corner and my head, most annoying.

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    • Your poor baby, sounds like he had a tough time with Croup. My boy was over it quickly thankfully. I do think Minecraft can be sociable (ish) because the children can work together. My boy also knows more about mineral stones than me! My husband also spent a lot of time in front of a computer in his youth. Flies – grrr!

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