The 100 Day Gratitude Challenge – Days 8 to 10!

Oh dear, I’ve been so busy I haven’t managed to do this daily. Never fear, I have mentally been jotting down my gratitude each day with the knowledge I’ll be putting it all down on the blog. I can’t seem to type after the last photo so I’ll have to split this post in two. I should really know how to format in WordPress by now, shouldn’t I?


Last Friday the Parent Council for my son’s school ran a Bingo and Raffle night. I went along with my mum and son and we were lucky to get seats. It was so busy! The children and adults played prize bingo. All prizes were donated and they raised £1,000 for the children’s pantomime trip. I’m grateful for volunteers who give up their time and expect nothing in return. I’m grateful for all of those who donated prizes and for having a nice evening with my mum and son – reminiscent of prize bingo trips with my granny when I was young.


My in-laws house has just been sold and we were round there on Saturday to start clearing it. My husband spent most of the time driving to and from the Charity shop and myself and sister in law had to clear the loft. There was a lot up there! Check out the antique till and Sales Ledger that we found from their grandfathers butcher shop. The Ledger is dated from before World War Two.  My sister in law has health issues and after 15 minutes she was unable to help with the loft. She was sweating and panting and I could see how uncomfortable she was. She worked in the kitchen instead, another room that needed tended to. It was a few hours of hard work, but I managed to clear the rest of the loft by myself. I am grateful that I am fit and healthy enough to do basic chores like clearing a loft. We do take our health for granted and sometimes need a reminder that we are lucky to do the simple things in life.



My son had Croup and apparently a cold outside in the fresh air helps. We walked down to the beach and took along the Metal Detector to find some treasures. This here is my favourite type of sunshine. It casts a wonderful golden glow and isn’t harsh on the eyes. I am grateful for the beautiful afternoon glowing sunshine.


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