The 100 Day Gratitude Challenge – Days Six and Seven


Apologies for missing the challenge yesterday. I’ve been so busy with work; job applications; college; my hobby and general family stuff. All of this hasn’t left much time for my blog.  People (myself included) often complain about not having enough hours in the day. Being too busy is no fun at all when you aren’t getting quality time to do the things you love. That said, I’d rather be busy doing something than the alternative. What is the alternative? Bored doing nothing at all.

We visit my granny-in-law in her nursing home every few weeks. When we arrive I notice that she’s just sitting on her little chair staring into space. No telly on, no reading. Nothing at all. My great aunt has days where she doesn’t see a soul. I like to think I enjoy my own company and I honestly am content spending a few days alone. It’s a novelty though. How would I deal with being alone with nothing to do and no one to see EVERY DAY?  Perhaps I would feel very differently about isolation.

I am grateful that I have a busy life. It’s colourful, varied and keeps me on my toes. I’m thankful I don’t have the opposite of this.


On Tuesday night I got the bus back home from college.  The guy behind me struck up a conversation and I soon found out he was just out of hospital and was on his way to my local hostel. A hostel is generally for people who don’t have anywhere to live. Every town in this area has a hostel. They are all on the same bus route. This guy told me he’s an alcoholic. He does “stupid things” and has been in hospital a few times. His parents won’t have him back and so here he was asking me to tell him when he arrived at the stop. A girl tried to beat him up the last time he stayed there, he said. On his way out he told me he’d need to move the booze he was carrying into a smaller bottle in case he got searched. I wondered how he managed to find alcohol between the hospital and the bus stop? The stop’s outside the hospital.

I complain about the bills, the upkeep and the size of my house – but at least I have a regular place to live. I don’t get searched on entry or have to lock myself away from strangers who might beat me up. I know what bus stop is closest to home. I’m grateful I have a home.

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