The 100 Day Gratitude Challenge – Day Three


Yesterday we drove past a blind lady walking on the bus lane of a busy road, towards oncoming traffic.  Recently a young man died on that same road after been run down by a bus. He was just crossing the road but this lady was walking on the bus lane, putting herself in the line of fire. I was worried.  My husband drove round and back to her so that I could help. Once I got the lady on to the narrow grassy area, it transpired that she’d arrived by bus but had missed her stop and was walking back in the direction she came so that she could get to the Supermarket. She knew it was a bus lane and she was frightened – but she was more frightened to cross the busy road towards a pavement. She’d heard about the guy who died crossing that same road a few weeks ago.

As we walked towards the supermarket she told me about losing her sight. Over the years the Macular Degeneration got worse and ten years ago she was registered blind. Everything is blurry. She couldn’t see the supermarket and just knew that she would eventually be near it if she kept walking.  She said she was embarrassed. Frustrated. She felt helpless.  She rarely goes out by herself, but her husband’s Dementia has deteriorated recently and she needed food supplies.

Once the lady was safely at her destination and we bid farewell I realised how lucky I am to have the gift of sight.  Don’t we all take things for granted until they are taken from us? How many of my 100 days of gratitude will be related to what I see in the world? I need to appreciate the beauty in everything. On a practical note I should also be grateful that my sight guides safely. Nothing is guaranteed forever.  One day I could be alone out there walking towards oncoming traffic unable to see a safe way out. So big round of applause to my eyes. I am grateful for the gift of sight!


I think the lack of photo is fitting for today’s blog.

100 Day Gratitude Challenge – Everyone Welcome
I’m doing the 100 Day Gratitude Challenge. I know it’s been done 1,000 times before but I want to try it our for myself and see what all the fuss is about. I will write down one little thing a day that I’m grateful for and will include a photo where possible. This will see me through the dark winter up until 10th February. Anyone is welcome to join the challenge at any time. I would love to see what you are also grateful for, so please link to my blog. Perhaps we could create a little community, sharing with each other what makes our days a little brighter.

10 thoughts on “The 100 Day Gratitude Challenge – Day Three

  1. This is one of the most poignant posts I’ve ever read. Bless you for having your “eyes” open to her needs. Well done! It reminds me of a quote by John Bunyan: “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” I’d say you exemplified that quote. 🙂


    • Thank you. That’s a good quote. Helping others in need shouldn’t be seen as out of the ordinary. It should be human nature to want to help. I’m hoping that someone else would have come along if I hadn’t been there 🙂 My mum’s response was a confused “How silly you could have been killed, but good for you.”


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