The 100 Day Gratitude Challenge – Day Two


Am I allowed to be materialistic in my gratitude? Oh well, it’s my challenge and I really am grateful for my local £ shop so I’m going to run with this. As a Childminder the place is an invaluable source of cheap craft supplies. Most of the children I care for love to make things and with a craft cupboard bursting at the seams with pound shop supplies, they are always entertained. I keep the glitter locked up though. That stuff gets everywhere.

The pound shop was our saviour when our son was toilet training. Ten stickers and he earned a trip to the shop where he could pick any item he wanted! Unless of course it was a real knife. Although there are some great knives in there for a pound.  It’s a good place for bribery too. When son is complaining about shopping with us, the promise of getting anything he wants from the pound shop is an incentive to stick it out without grumbling . He’s almost nine now and this bribery is on it’s last legs. His tastes are for the more expensive 😦

Halloween is rarely a big expense for me as most costumes are concocted with pound shop purchases.  If you have cardboard and some cheap spray paint you are on your way. Where do I go when organising kids parties? The pound shop of course! Paper plates; balloons; winning gifts (I buy lots because everyone wins at my parties); gift bags; unhealthy sugary food. The list is endless.   A quick cheap gift for someone I don’t really want to buy for? You guessed it! That’s a joke. Maybe.

I could write all day about my love of the pound shop. This really isn’t an aspirational lifestyle blog, is it?  Anyway, I need to dash. I’m working on some Christmas Eve boxes and have run out of decorations. I know just the place to go.




100 Day Gratitude Challenge – Everyone Welcome

I’m doing the 100 Day Gratitude Challenege. I know it’s been done 1,000 times before but I want to try it our for myself and see what all the fuss is about. I will write down one little thing a day that I’m grateful for and will include a photo where possible. This will see me through the dark winter up until 10th February. Anyone is welcome to join the challenge at any time. I would love to see what you are also grateful for, so please link to my blog. Perhaps we could create a little community, sharing with each other what makes our days a little brighter.

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