Bad Drunk


Can I drink at three?
Are you judging me?
I could do with break
Oh for goodness sake!
Oh judge  why not?
I’ll take what I’ve got.
Yeah, I’m a little drunk
Two of three drinks sunk
Or a higher amount
Yeah, I lost count
So what?
Ain’t smoking pot!
Maybe I should
You think I would?
Love yer trust
Bit unjust! ☹
You say I’m wrecked!
So you’re perfect?!
You don’t understand ☹
My life is bland.
I see you’re pissed!
I’ve got the gist.
Well fuck you
I wish you knew
Ye don’t understand
Yer head’s in the sand
I need to drink
I’m on the brink!
You don’t care
It’s not fair
Hate my life –
and being a wife!

The morning after
Oh no.
Let the drink flow
Did we fight?
You alright?
Didn’t mean it
Don’t want to split
Was in a strop
Need to stop
Overdid it
I should quit
Or just cut down
Not go to town
Need a long lie
I’m gonna die

Sadly, I know a few people who end up like this after a night out.  I suppose the question is, why?

10 thoughts on “Bad Drunk

  1. Sounds like you got a plateful again, girlfriend. You write so well I never can tell whats fiction or reality! If that’s the way your days are going, god help ya get through ’em. If not, give thanks! That was really good. Sorry to read up there about your dad. Hang in there, hon.

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    • Thanks. Fortunately poem isn’t about me, but I know a couple of people who act like this with a drink and despite it causing problems in her marriage, she’s never willing to cut down 😦 My dad is feeling ok at the moment. It’s his dodgy shoulder that’s the problem this week. I hope you are feeling well.

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