The Lost Generation

A photo by Milada Vigerova.

This is a fictional piece and does not in any way relate to my own experiences.

I watch them through the Fishbowl. See them fight for control. Complaining about work powers, who puts in the longest hours. But the pressure’s intense. Tension’s bursting at the seams.  Still they chase bigger dreams. Be worth it in the end. Or so they say. The state of the world now. Brexit, Trump – wow! Should we get off? Boomers post war blessed. Millennials status obsessed. Generation X are forgotten. Others spoiled rotten. Where’s our generation headed? Their parents begin to decline; and kids, man, they can whine! Women guzzle wine and listen to 90’s songs. They dance away life’s wrongs. Talk up their sex lives again, but ignore the strain. Wonder why she wants him – with a marriage so grim? And they keep on dancing. But the last dance is spent. Twenty years just – went. Slaves to ambition, was it the wrong mission? The party must go on. They all drink a few, forgetting what’s true. “Come on men, how’dya get your kicks?” “Tell us the same chicks!” And I wonder how they do. Did they forget as they grew? Manicured lawns and mortgaged to the hilt. Reputations built. Elevated in stature, they found a dream catcher. Worked hard and they’ll get there – they will.

B u t   i t ‘ s    a l l    s o    b l o o d y    d u l l .

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