Everyday Irritations

I’m a fairly laid-back sort of person and minor inconveniences don’t really bother me. Low maintenance, that’s me. There are some days though, when little household issues get a bit much even for me:

When they can’t manage to place the laundry in the basket. It’s just so much work!

When it’s just too difficult for them to put dishes in the dishwasher.

“I got my own breakfast”. The crumbs and box lie there awaiting transportation. But who will move them? A secret cleaning fairy who inhabits our home?

When that toilet roll holder is just so far away from the toilet to put it where it belongs.   JUST.   CAN’T.  REACH.   THAT.   FAR!

When the thing never fits back in the box – even though it fitted in there perfectly before. Why do they make them too small?

Evil Lego monsters lurking; ready to torture unsuspecting (odd cartoonish) feet. Because my feet weren’t beautifully manicured, I opted for the drawing instead. The resemblance is uncanny though!

The in-tray. I tend to tackle the filing when it begins to resemble the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Email in-box. Thank you Yahoo for allowing me to store more Groupon/Wowcher/5pm emails than I will ever need – or read. I will get around to deleting them one day. Maybe.

When you need a Technology Degree to work out how to put the t.v./sound/Firestick/DVD on. So complicated!

I know how privileged I am to have such minor things annoying me in life. Definitely first world problems.  What little things irritate you?

12 thoughts on “Everyday Irritations

  1. LMBO!!! Truer words were NEVER spoken! I did hear about a first world problem yesterday that made me want to barf! Some young couple on one of the cruise ships stuck down in Houston were just pitching a fit because they weren’t going to get home in time to start their classes at some university somewhere. It even made the bloomin’ national news! Didn’t seem to matter to them that millions of folks had lost their homes and Houston was under water. God forbid they be inconvenienced. Made me want to gag….

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  2. I concur with your list – those things drive me nuts! I’d like to add bath towels on the floor after showers. Does the bath towel fairy come and put them in the laundry basket? Haha – fun read!


  3. The multiple tv, sound, whatever controls drive me totally crazy! There are three on my desk right now. I was going to take a picture of them, but then I noticed the dust on the printer. And I was going to include my super cute new and sort of weird lamp in the remote control picture! You will just have to imagine it!


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