The Complicated Business of New Blogger Identity

It was recently my one year Blogging Anniversary. I was going to write ‘Blogiversary’ but not sure if it’s a real word? As is usual in my life, I let it pass without much of a party. Reminiscent of most birthdays where I don’t want any fuss, then regret it when I get the usual bottle of Cava and box of Ferrero Rocher. So in celebration of blogging for (just over) a year, I’m going to reblog two posts today. This first one was written a week after I began the blog. Was going to delete the final line because it looks odd, but I’ve kept it in because I am often confused!


The Daily Word Prompt is ‘Confused‘.  This epitomises my blogger beginnings.

At a week old my blog is a newborn, but the run-up to the birth was more confusing than my actual baby pregnancy.

I had to come up with a catchy Blog Name and “walk a mile in their shoes” would fit the bill. The classic line about empathy to highlight the depths of thought I would go to in thinking of others. Perfect!

The problem was, this name was taken by 123,456 people.  This left the longwinded name walkingamileintheirshoes1234567.  No, that wouldn’t do at all. Could you imagine 100,000,000 followers trying to tell their friends to follow that?  After an eternity a while I realised I was going to have to walk a mile in my own shoes if I wanted something vaguely similar.

Wait, would that work? Would people think I was egocentric, walking a mile in MY OWN…

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