Guest Post: How to Deal with the Dirtiest Places in your Home Effortlessly

Hello, today I have guest post from Sophia Evans. Sophia is enthusiastic about hygiene in our homes – so much so that she has made a business of it. Did you know that the toilet is not the dirtiest place in the bathroom? Eek!   Sophia is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding hygiene and cleaning in the comments section at the end of the article.


You are probably wondering what is the dirtiest place in your home and how can you deal with it. The thing is that it’s not just one place, it is everywhere.  We inhabit our entire home and we touch everything. We are the ones who in fact contribute to these areas getting dirty. We carry bacteria and spread it unwillingly everywhere. What do you do before washing your dirty hands? You turn on the faucet and there, it has germs on it. Luckily, cleaning this up is the easiest thing in the world – you just need to get into a routine to do it.


Everything we touch, if not cleaned regularly can become a hot spot for germs. Let’s start off with electronics. Everyone touches the remote control so just use disinfectant wipes and clean up all remote controls. And how about video game controllers. Controllers are even dirtier since one is in your hands for a long period of time. And when video games get intense your arms tend to sweat so there, grime and dirt piles up on remotes and especially game console controller, so clean them up regularly with disinfectant wipes or the intended product

What about a computer keyboard and a mouse? You are constantly over them and you don’t lift your hands from the things. For whatever purpose you use the computer, weather it’s work, computer games or aimlessly browsing the internet, you spend a long period of time on it and it gets dirtier and dirtier. So again, same way as the remote controls and console controllers, just regularly clean them with disinfectant wipes or a intended cleaning product that you prefer.

The Bathroom

People think that the toilet bowl is the dirtiest thing in the house when it’s not even the dirtiest thing in the bathroom. We clean these things so often that we forget about the rest of the bathroom, for example the shower or bathtub also need to be cleaned periodically to reach the high level of cleanliness. Clean these places up. Make sure to regularly clean up the inside and outside of your bathtub. Clean up the drains of the shower and bathtub, the faucet knobs and everything else you and your body touches. It’s not very hard to this this 3 or 4 times a week and it’s not time consuming at all.

Other dirty things in the bathroom are of course the faucet knobs, and get this, your toothbrush holder, make sure to wash it with soapy water once or twice a week to prevent germs from getting inside your system while you’re brushing your teeth. After that, make it a habit, after every time you wash your hands to go with a cloth and soapy water over the faucet handles.

The Kitchen
Now let’s move to the kitchen. We all have a faucet in our kitchens as well, so the same way you proceed in the bathroom, do the same for the kitchen. Regularly clean your cooker before it builds up too much grime. After every time you cook, wait for it to cool and run some soapy water and a cleaning product if necessary.  For your dogs and cats, make sure to regularly clean up their water and food bowls. If you use a dishwasher put it there, and if not, just wash it like a normal plate.

Doing little clean ups like these can go a long way to save you tons of time from when you do thorough cleaning and you will also have a far more healthier and germ free home.



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