Plastic Friend



You don’t want to be here
Eyelashes don’t lie
they’re ready to fly

You can’t be trusted
Joker lips are badass
Words not worth a brass

You can’t be read
Spray tan hides your face
Emotions lost – no trace

You’re somewhere else
Posing on a phone
Whilst I’m here alone

You’re playing with me
I’m treated like a Sim
But you’re the one that’s dim

You’re a fake one
Canned laughter on tap
I’ve had enough of this crap

This is a work in progress as I’m being introduced to drafting and redrafting. Apparently the work begins when you start drafting. I usually just write and post a poem within half an hour. You can probably tell! Not happy with this one because I’ve switched tone half way through. Going to change the phone to a shield and play around with those final to stanzas.

12 thoughts on “Plastic Friend

  1. Redrafting can be an incredibly exciting and rewarding process. I often loathe my first drafts, often get disheartened by them. But they are a bit like the pencil sketches that lay beneath layers of paint. Getting some distance between drafts help. Good luck with poetry course.

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  2. Great! I know I’ve had a toxic friend or two in my life. I think as you get older you realize it just isn’t worth it and that you need to surround yourself with people who support you and love you for who you are. Thanks for posting 🙂

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