20 Free (Or Cheap) Outdoor Things To Do With The Kids This Summer

The school summer holidays begin again this week in Scotland – it’s been a quick school year! Being a Childminder, I have to think of activities to keep the children entertained throughout the summer. This was my very first blog post and thought it was worth a reblog. All links have been checked and are still current. The apples aren’t ready yet though – but you could substitute with berries.

It’s summer and your children seem be spending way too much time watching tv or playing their games console.  We all know the importance of outdoor play and yet sometimes it’s difficult to get the children motivated. “I’m bored!” echoes around the house and you’ve started to count down the days until school goes back. Your bank balance is shrinking and you need some inspiration. Sound familiar? Don’t panic, here are 20 things you can do with the kids outside that are fun and free (or cheap).  Kids love being outdoors! We just have to remind them.  Let the fun begin!

  1. Cycling  – Take the bikes out and enjoy your beautiful surroundings. Sustrans has a great website that maps out safe cycle paths throughout the UK. It clearly shows green paths for safe off-road cycling and purple for on road. There are even warning signs where there are potholes or…

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