The Blind Mice

Another British General Election and more mayhem. The Tories failed to get a majority, resulting in a hung parliament. The solution? A new government being formed between The Conservatives and the DUP.

* explanations below the poem.

The blind mice
rolled the dice
without a guide  *
Just British pride –
we’ll pay the price.

The boss fled  **
full of dread.
Now she’s here  ***
we’ve got the fear
but made our bed. ****

In a tight spot.
Strong we’re not. *****
How bad could it be?
The DUP.
We’ve lost the plot.

* Brexit – many (not all) folk didn’t have a clue what they were voting for and their vote was ill informed.

** David Cameron – he thought OMG, that wasn’t meant to happen – BYE!

*** Theresa May

**** so we’ll lie in it

***** despite what they keep on telling us. We are far less stable today because of this shambolic quick election.




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