Forgotten Viola

I’m not the best mother, nor am I the worst. I’d describe myself as a mixture of super and sub-standard. The go-to mum for parent helper on the school trips but the mother who can’t find a comb to present a tidy child for the school day. I’ve given up on tucking his shirts in  (he untucks when he goes to the little boys room anyway).  Last week I gave him a half eaten black banana for his play piece. In my defence I have to get six children out of the door on time in the morning and I occasionally (all the time) chuck stuff in his bag quickly. Here is a little poem about my parenting mishaps:

Forgot your viola

and sponsorship form

Forgot it was sports day

so you didn’t have the right gear on

I’m a disaster of a mother –

I am.


Forgot your inhaler

The brown one, sorry hun.

Forgot to mark that homework

so your teacher thinks it’s undone

I’m not the best mam out there –

I’m not.


I always remember

Hugs and pecks on lips;

Bedtime tuck ins, listening to

your same old scripts.

I’m a hopeless case some days –

but I’m yours.


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