Moving On

Hi, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on here. I’ve been (way too) busy with college and life events, but fortunately college ends tomorrow for the summer – hurray! In other news, it’s my birthday today. This coincides with me trying to deal with an (unusual) addiction that I’m not going to go into yet.  Unfortunately I’ve just succumbed to it after two days without 😦  Don’t worry too much; people I’ve told in the past think my addiction is amusing. With strange heart palpitations and shortness of breath I think it’s either the addiction or my general lifestyle and I’m making vast changes to my life as of now. My husband bought me the usual bottle of Cava and bumper box of Ferrero Rocher.  Cheers for that.

Anyway, I noticed the word prompt is uniform and found it quite fitting after going through my cupboards and loft and realising I have trouble letting go of the past. From my office working days before my baby and then the time after when I wanted another baby. It’s not a very good poem at all and I know it’s because I haven’t been writing for ages. I need to work on it and it shows. I’m also on edge trying to deal with this addiction.

Hidden out of sight

Tall, mighty and strong

Warrior feet with extra height

But now this footwear’s wrong


Push up bras and dresses gone

Jeans, flats and comfy bras –

that’s my daily uniform.

A plain childminding lass.


The pram was put away

Cot and clothing sat aside

Baby never came to stay

They remain but dream has died.


Today I’m 42

The past will not let go

The remnants stick like glue

But I’ve new seeds to sow.


26 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. Happy happy birthday to you!! Hope you had a wonderful day – anxious to hear about your new addiction! Excited for you and the new road you are happily pursuing – Great job with college too!

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  2. Congratulations to you! Happy Birthday, enjoy the chocolates and whatnot. Indeed you have new seeds to sow and they will bring such fruit of amazement. Good road ahead, clear weather, just move along.

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    • Thanks. We always felt if it happened, it happened and or never did. I was never devastated but, yes, it felt incomplete for a few years. I couldn’t imagine another child now and I’m settled with what I have. 🙂

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  3. Happy Birthday 🎉 I feel excitement about your future because I feel a great change coming in (no idea why I wrote that). So pleased we are going to see more of you. 😄 How’s your angel book coming along 👼🏻😇😉

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  4. Hope that you had a wonderfully fun birthday…and that you are over your strange addiction or enjoying your strange addiction…whichever makes you the happiest! I am addicted totally to Coca Cola with crushed ice from the Sonic…I don’t think that you have those! It is a hamburger drive-in with carhops maybe on roller skates. They have half price Cokes, etc from 2 until 4 every, single day. I plan my day around the Sonic Happy Hour!


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