Taxi Home

My husband went to a Beer Festival with the men this afternoon. I began getting worried when he hadn’t returned home at (12.45am) and had assumed he’d gone to a friend’s house. Decided to settle into bed to avoid him because he’s not a jolly drunk.  Then the doorbell rang:

Quarter to one

He’s still not home

Left the house today

like a dog without his bone.


Was beer tent fun?

End hours ago?

Should be home by now

but he’s still a no show.


I’ve hid in bed

avoiding hell.

He’s a grumpy drunk –

RING  RING  there’s the doorbell.


Tipsy struggle

for keys in lock?

Copper at the door –

seems husband couldn’t walk.


Tears and stagger

Bleeding lip too

I put him to bed –

tomorrow he will stew.


He’s in the spare room and at least I can go to sleep now that I know he’s home. Fortunately he rarely gets drunk.

16 thoughts on “Taxi Home

  1. One night, I was out drinking with my work chums and my CEO. My CEO likes to party. A lot. After 4 beers, he wants to go to a tequila bar. He keeps feeding me tequila shots. How can you say no to the big guy? All of a sudden my head spins. I quickly grab a taxi. Vertigo the entire ride. Vertigo on the elevator. When I walk in I head straight to the bathroom. Right before I get there, I spill my insides. It’s 2am. The commotion wake up my pregnant wife. Groggy, she comes over and almost trips all over my mess. She cleans it up because I’m passed out on the floor.

    On of my finest moments.

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