Noisy Flatmate Limerick

Apologies for the dark ending, my imagination led me there.


He tried to undo her buckle

with his hands – clumsy and muckle.

So she undressed herself

but fell into the shelf.

It’s then they began to chuckle.


Her flatmate was rather perturbed;

from her sleep  – she was now disturbed.

She’d heard the commotion

and with no emotion

she plotted to have the noise curbed.


She took out the gun by her bed;

It’s time to knock this on the head.

She strolled into their room

pulled the trigger, BOOM BOOM!

She’d sleep now because they were dead.


15 thoughts on “Noisy Flatmate Limerick

      • Yes, the juxtaposition is very appealing isn’t it? Well, there are only a few words that rhyme with chuckle (I didn’t even know ‘muckle’ was a word till I did this); I like how you managed to find both romance and dark humour with them.


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