Don’t Measure Me

via Daily Prompt: Measure


Don’t measure my age

like circles in the tree.

Life stutters and flies,

neat circles aren’t me.


Don’t judge my career

by how high I climb.

I’ve been sucked up and lost

as work stole my time.


Don’t measure success

by the size of my pad.

Square footage means nowt

if my people are sad.


Don’t judge my beauty

on symmetrical ideals.

I’ve an interesting look

and my smile appeals.


Don’t measure popularity

by follows, likes and clicks.

It’s the friends who are there

when I suffer life’s kicks.


Don’t measure my wealth

by restaurants I frequent.

I’ve had watered down soup

when the money’s all spent.


Don’t measure me –

I’m not as I seem.

I’m ever changing –

don’t flow with the stream.


I’m back after a wonderful break in Malaga, Spain and I’ve so missed WordPress and the blogging community. I dropped water and ruined my phone on holiday and had nothing to read as I sat on my roof-top garden. My son and husband often escaped into the apartment so I had peace to just sit there and think, with no distractions.  However due to the break away from WordPress, I forgot myself (truly)  and came home and posted holiday photos to Facebook. I got a lot of likes and was pleased. Then I wondered, what am I doing? Who cares how many likes I have? There is more to me than likes (and showing off on Facebook). The daily prompt came at a perfect time. I can’t be measured by likes!


14 thoughts on “Don’t Measure Me

  1. Very well said. And welcome back! Hope you enjoyed Malaga, we had a fun there last year, but I think we went at the wrong time — I don’t do well in 30+ degree weather.

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  2. Such beautiful and mature thoughts and intents. Why is it so hard for some of us to learn what you just said? Maybe you needed that blank time. You learned something from it. That kind of time is never wasted. Good to have you back, though. 😀


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