The Grafter


Hard working

Back breaking



nails snapped

Skin chapped



Misses learning

Just keep earning



Pays for stuff

Never enough



Missed the goal

Don’t feel whole

Lost soul


Cuts through fog

Escapes slog

Writes blog


Writers come from all walks of life and for people like me, writing is their respite.  I don’t have a back breaking job where I get my hands dirty but for this poem I imagined the writer is a fed up, skint hard grafter.

Sorry for my absence on WordPress. I’ve been inundated with college coursework and will be busy for the next few weeks. I have also booked a flight to Spain for next week. I really need a holiday!


11 thoughts on “The Grafter

  1. That’s actually a very thought-provoking poem. Made me wonder what I’d say about myself… Deep breath before you tackle the studies. And go crazy on your little trip. You’ll be so thankful then to come back to the normal humdrum. 😀


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