Regrets, I’ve Had a Few

I do not think I’ve always been good or well behaved. I am more so now, but perhaps that’s due to lack of opportunity more than anything else. Do I regret some of the things I’ve done in the past? Of course! I know it’s not very cool to say I have regrets. I’m supposed to say that those things have made me the person I am today and there is no point in regretting the past. Regret is a wasted emotion. I get it; I do, but realistically, who hasn’t done some stupid things they wish they could change?


  • That time I heated my tea in the microwave – inside a metallic coated mug.
  • Telling my husband I didn’t like him anymore. To be honest, I didn’t like how he was behaving but I could have communicated my feelings more eloquently.
  • Going to Bergen for New Year. Miserable weather; ill husband; scary Fireworks and awful lodgings.
  • Not speaking up for him when he was at the lowest, most vulnerable point in his life – even after several opportunities to intervene. This is my greatest regret of all.
  • Kissing someone who wasn’t my boyfriend.
  • Not phoning my mum and dad on the night I moved away from home.
  • Putting my finger in the live light bulb socket.
  • Not beating up Donna the bully. I really wish I had.
  • Not asking for more help with Mental Arithmetic and Maths. I hated numbers and froze when dealing with them and so never tried with numbers when younger. As an adult I had a mini breakdown whilst studying for a Statistics Exam and was convinced I couldn’t do it.  I got an A.
  • Getting so drunk on my 17th birthday.
  • Not having more confidence.
  • Prolonged heartbreak after splitting up. Can’t make yourself feel a certain way though, can you?
  • Losing weight and gaining the same back, almost every year of my adult life.
  • Pretending not to see Fiona as I walked past her at work. We had differences of opinion and I was still reeling.  She went off work sick that day and died shortly afterwards. She was 34.
  • Passing the phone to my mum when my great aunt called, after only a few words. She also died days later.
  • Not telling someone about the creepy island pervert.
  • Manically assaulting the faulty printer (countless times) and making things worse.
  • Going out with people for a second time shortly after splitting up. We ended it the first time for good reason.
  • Body Suits. The top with popper briefs attached. Horrible.
  • Worrying too much about what people thought.
  • Not speaking up for the bullied. I’ve never been a bully and I’ve tried to offer support but I never actually stood up to those bullies when it was happening.
  • My first Perm.
  • Not wearing flat shoes at that conference gig. It felt like the longest day of my life. Come to think of it, any time I went out wearing heels with no flat shoes in bag for back-up.

For all of those regrets, I could match with bad/irresponsible behaviour that I don’t regret because it never hurt anyone else. Skipping school; cheating at college and university; smoking dope in my lunch hour (decades ago); countless drunk (but fun) nights; not studying hard enough; spending money on frivolous items; little white lies to make myself appear better; reading/lazing around when I should have been doing important stuff. I could go on but I’ll just stop here.

This is in response to Impromptu Promptlings Sandbox Writing Challenge #81. Thank you for the inspiration.

24 thoughts on “Regrets, I’ve Had a Few

  1. 😀 😀 😀 Ok, so I gotta ask. What happened when you stuck your finger in the light socket??? Sorry, but I had to laugh at the body suits comment. I don’t think they look good on anyone except a newborn! They call them Onsies.

    I liked your opening paragraph. I’m 65, and I WISH I had some of these kinds of regrets to ponder on. It just shows that you were full of life. It’s not nearly as much fun being a straight arrow and playing by the book. I’m still waiting for it to catch up with me. Then I probably WILL find some trouble to get into and regret! LOL

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  2. I’m always amazed at the variety of your experiences, your gentle humour, honesty, and your memory to recall such things! I can hardly remember the things I regretted last week. I’ve said before, your wonderful anecdotes would make great fiction pieces. Thank you for sharing.

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    • Thanks David. I bet if you put your mind to it you could come up with a few irresponsible stories of your own. I think my list is fairly tame compared to others; however if I had to put my own name to it then I probably wouldn’t be so honest.


  3. Had to giggle at the light socket, printer assault, not wearing flats – and quit a few ot hers! In fact, I could tick off a lot of those myself. If we can’t laugh about it, the world would be a sad place.


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