A Bright Past


Did I do enough

in life and career?

Surrounded by good people

to hold dear?


Did I look in wonder

at this world around me?

Did I notice life’s blessings

and really see?


Did I try enough

to achieve my best?

Did I ever work out

my true life’s quest?


Did I make the most

of the time I had?

Did the joyful times

outweigh the sad?


Did I love enough?

Did hearts unite?

Can I lay down in peace

for my past was bright?


In response to the daily prompt ruminate.  I think that the days before death may be a time where many (most?) people go over the ups and downs of life.


9 thoughts on “A Bright Past

  1. I believe that, too. I often wonder if my b-i-l still has enough where-with-all to do that. He told my sister once he was trying to figure out how to get rid of himself so she could be free. We were flabbergasted. But he’s declined a lot since then. I hope you’re keeping all these writings about your m-i-l together. They could possibly make an interesting chronicle of loss.

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