World Book Day


Oh Joy, it’s World Book Day!

Fun to see them fancy dressed.

Characters from books of course

and hand-made is for the best!


We’ve been planning for a month

and he’s read the complete book.

Delighted with the outcome –

got the ideal novel look.


Hope the others make an effort;

sick of all the movie themes.

It’s meant to be a BOOK day –

parents can’t be arsed it seems!


Oh no, it’s World Book Day!

We’re skint and now I’m stressed.

Characters from books they say;

I’ve no time and not impressed!


I’ve been pulled in all directions

and he hasn’t picked a book.

No idea what he’s wanting –

so it’s the Supermarket look.


To be honest I’m past caring;

bought The Hulk and now he beams.

I don’t care if it’s a BOOK day –

perfect parent? In my dreams!

It’s World Book Day. It’s a lovely idea and is an annual celebration of authors, illustrators and meant to encourage children and parents to read.There seems to be several camps of parents on this fun occasion:

  • The pleased (smug) ones who are delighted that their children look like they’ve just stepped out of a book. They worked hard to hand-make the costume to exacting standards.
  • The regular (busy) parents who quickly dashed to the Supermarket for an outfit.
  • The last minute just going out the door and been reminded that it’s World Book Day and shorty NEEDS to wear something (this was me last year).
  • The “OMFG it’s World Book Day?!” parents. I feel for them.

The concept of Book Day is good – who doesn’t want to encourage children to read? It is a fun day and I am usually the parent with way too much time on her hands who enjoys making the outfit. Most parents don’t have the time though; and some even feel guilty about not replicating a book character. Here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter. If you find some time to read to your child or encourage older children to read alone then you’re doing great. Your child hates reading? Don’t worry, they may grow to love it in a few years.  If not, their abilities and interests may lie in another area. So lets just enjoy World Book Day for what it is – a March Halloween for the children!

7 thoughts on “World Book Day

  1. I understand this well. We had to hunt around for a batman book last night because youngest wanted to go as the caped crusader. I also think it’s great to encourage their love for books — regardless of the costumes.

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