The Predator

I’ll always remember him. The rotund, cocky uncle of a friend. We often visited her grandparents on a nearby island and on this occasion he was there too. He suggested a few pubs and as we arrived at each one, we discovered money had been left behind the bar for us. We were around 17 and thought he was being a nice uncle. I’ve often wondered if he planned the night. Years later I discovered a friend of his sister had a similar experience to me. She was a woman 20 years my senior but she never told anyone else either. He’s dead now but I regret not speaking up. How many others did he try to violate?  I always thought I’d fight someone off.  I didn’t – I froze. My friend managed to get him off me. We’ve never spoken about that night.

I remember him

on the island.

The 50+ rotund

sailor onshore.

Me a teenager –

far from home and fearless.


I remember the

pub crawl drinking.

The £100 behind the bar

from a generous sailor.

Drunk niece and me –

far from home and fuddled.


I remember the

antique  bedroom.

The 200-pound predator.

Pouncing sailor

pushing; fat fingers gripping me –

far from home and frightened.


I remember the

niece fighting

the 200-pound leaden

drunk sailor.

Pillows pounded, hair pulled; and me –

far from home and frozen.


I remember the

Sunday morning.

Two eggs uneaten; lukewarm tea.

Missing sailor.

Awkward chat, muted secret.

Desperate for the ferry home.


via Daily Prompt: Lukewarm

10 thoughts on “The Predator

  1. Very raw and emotional. I’m sorry you had to experience such an event. Your repeated use of ‘I remember’, use of numbers and simple language, make this very effective and powerful. You’ve captured the regret and suppressed rage well.

    Liked by 1 person

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