Everything seems to breaking or due to be paid this month. Why is it that things all decide to pack in at the same time as the bills land on the mat?  People around me seem to be broken at the moment too, but I’ll leave that for another post.  I’m quite laid back about most things and although money is tight (or diminished), it is only money and we’ll be back to normal in a few months. I know we’re lucky because many people don’t have a way out and don’t have the privilege of saying “it’s only money.”


Being grown up sucks –

two grand tax return.

Must part with big bucks;

makes my stomach churn.


The new boiler’s quit.

He needs to come back up.

What sins will I commit

if he dares to stands me up?


Bye bye TV aerial!

Oh, and roof tiles too!

Would hold a burial

If I knew of where you flew!


Gas bill joins the crowd –

oh the joys, bring it on!

For I will not be cowed

just because we’re overdrawn!


In truth I’d like to run a mile

and come back another day.

But I’ll plaster on that smile

‘caus I’m skint and have to stay!



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