We Fear You

You think we’re not right

for thinking left,

doing what’s right,

giving what’s left;

we can’t be right.


You look down

when we help up.

You talk down,

but we speak up

to stop bringing them down.


You tell us to cool off

when putting pressure on

You write us off

but it’s game on.

Your humanity’s switched off.


We look for a way in.

You want them out.

You stop letting them in.

We try to work it out.

They are done in.


You fear the unknown.

We fear the familiar.

We fear you.


I’ve reflected on this poem and have realised it appears to end on a defeatist note.  I was trying to highlight that the thing to be afraid of is the fear itself. I hope that however much we fear the fear others have and their reactions to it,  we can overcome this and stand for what is right.


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30 thoughts on “We Fear You

  1. I just came across a post which said that Donald’ wife is an immigrant as well. It highlighted the fact that this particular act of banning” Muslim people” has more to do with race concerns than security concerns.

    President of one of the most powerful nations of the world , they say. I say, just an ill mannered kid.


  2. Wow! What an awesome read! The effect created is pretty nice…. And I’m just talking about the words and not the meaning yet! I don’t know how much it affects those who are residing there, but we feel the tremors even in this part of the world.

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    • Thanks. I’m reading up on Propaganda right now and trying to find middle of the road news. I’m in the UK, but all eyes are on you! My Facebook feed is bombarded with far Right and Far left stuff – mostly propaganda. Who knows what to believe? I definitely veer to the left and think Trump is not a nice person. Who unashamedly makes fun of a disabled person? Not someone I would vote for.


      • I used to see both sides here on social media, too – but now I think everyone is sitting astounded. The immigration order is unconstitutional – and he is firing any government employee that puts the constitution before his presidential orders. Our schools contacted us this week, telling us to call our Senators immediately as he is taking away school funding. He is allowing LBGT individuals to be discriminated against, as they do not adhere to his Christian beliefs. He is firing people in important positions and replacing them with his robots to do what he wants. Don’t do what he wants and he clearly stated, “I will fire you.” And no, he does not support people with special needs, and on a personal note, individuals with autism. Everyday some new and horrific news is being reported. The Statue of Liberty stands and states “Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free…” and instead, he shut the doors to freedom for some. The US is a melting pot – and this is not something he can accept. Sorry, I may have gone a bit off the deep end – But it is all so truly terrifying and saddening…

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