You think it’s fine to punch

and slap and kick

and spit?

You feel like such a big man.

Hard as nails –

I get it.


He didn’t want to fight.

Scared and frozen

to the spot.

You went back to get some more;

big tough guy –

he’s distraught.


I taught him gentle hands.

Be kind and nice –

don’t hit.

But things are gonna change now –

had enough

of your shit.


He’s started sparring training.

Self-defence will be his saviour.

He’ll fight

against you bullies –

so think twice about



If you dare touch him again,

don’t think I’ll let it go.

Be afraid

when you’re alone.

I’ll ensure your

debts don’t grow.

24 thoughts on “Bully

  1. It’s such a conundrum, isn’t it, when we try to teach our children to be kind and good and work things out peacefully — sometimes telling them nice guys win in the end — only to know that’s not true and there are moments when they have to break our rules. It’s very confusing for young children especially.


    • It is. He is much happier now since I spoke to the Deputy Head and she’s dealt with it well. We aren’t actually giving him sparring training but he’s been told never to hit first but to hit as hard as he can if he’s attacked again. He’s just a gentle soul it will be hard for him to fight back. Hopefully he won’t have to.


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