January Blues

January Blues

Nothing fits

Too much booze

Liver in bits

Feeling flat

Need to change

I’m not “all that”

Must rearrange

Where to start?

Fix what’s wrong

What’s at the heart?

Must play along

Same every year

Am I enough?

Is that my fear?

Should it be this tough?

I could alter

Be career driven

No longer falter

My life’s not “a given”

Be more attractive

Try more

Eat well, be active

Shouldn’t be a chore

Pristine house

Much screwing

Attentive spouse

No tensions brewing

Dinner on the table

Super organised

Rarely unstable

Never despised

I could be improved

Being better’s the key

I’d be approved

But I wouldn’t ME


I’ll like me more in February, I’m usually a self-confident type of person. January just doesn’t agree with me. I’m back to normality tomorrow and therefore questioning just about everything in my life.

*My liver isn’t actually in bits ( I hope not), but I drank a little more than usual.






21 thoughts on “January Blues

  1. This is very well written, I can feel all the emotions behind it. I hope you feel better soon. I don’t want to be that one person but I actually feel really low around spring/summer time. The sunshine and weather really get to me.

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  2. I think we can ALL identify with that! Try a vitamin D supplement over the winter months. 2000 units per day. I used to get the winter blues SOOO bad! Then I got checked and found out I didn’t have any! She put me on 50,000 units a day for 8 weeks then a maintenance dose and I feel SO much better!!!

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  3. Glad your liver is not in bits 😳 take a deep breath, your son is back at school, husband at work. Blitz the house get your control back. Then do something just for you, because your worth it 🌹 Don’t wish your time away live in the moment . How’s your book coming on. 😇

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    • Thanks, I’m trying to be more organised. I have sent a huge amount of clothes to charity and did a big batch cook last night for most of the month! I’d love to get back to the book but I have a mountain of college work and then Business paperwork to deal with now. I do need to stop procrastinating and get on with things like you say. Going to tackle the college stuff now – I’m tempted to chuck it in to be honest! 🙂

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      • It’s a Childcare Course. It is related to my job (I’m a childminder), but I don’t think there’s a great deal I can do with it for career progression. I like my job already. I’ve still not looked at my homework, but because I’ve been distracting myself with other stuff my house is ship-shape and ironing up to date haha! 🙂

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      • I don’t see you been a child minder for long it’s just convenient at the moment. But being the person you are you want to be the best child-minder you can be lol

        Stay true to yourself this year, do what you want to do, if that means jacking the course in then do it. It’s not going to bring you more money in is it ?

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      • Thanks for your advice. No, no more money. I don’t have a plan for the future but I’ll be doing this for another couple of years. I do like working with children so I this would give me more options to develop – I just don’t know where yet! Sorry I’ve not been reading your blog recently. I’m going to get back to WordPress blog reading after all this paperwork!

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  4. A wonderful poem about a difficult time of year. I think for me at least, January is such a let down after the merriment of December. Hang in there … it is about 1/3 of the way over now. (((HUGS)))


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