An Update

I’m kinda mostly entirely certain that nobody has noticed that I’ve not been around for AGES; but here’s a quick message for anyone who may read:

I am still alive and well (sort of). The thing is; it’s impossible to be a secret writer when your husband and son are CONSTANTLY here. He returned to work today. Here’s the other thing; it’s impossible to write when you have your  Australian cousin + two children now living with you for a few days.  I want to show them the sights  Scotland has to offer and have  family parties introducing them to everyone. This leaves no time for blogging. I’m writing this on my (crappy) phone in the bath at 1.40am. It’s the only time I can fit it in.

Much as it’s been delightful having all these people around – I like being around myself (alone) better. OK, my son and my husband are good company too. In fact all of my favourite people… but I seem to have a two day time limit when I need some ‘me time’ *. I’ve been with other people constantly for 12 days now.

Perhaps my next blog will be about appreciating your own company.

*I lied, it’s nine hours.

23 thoughts on “An Update

  1. I’ve noticed you’ve been absent! (I pick up on small details like that.) I know how you feel with the whole secret blog thing. My brother knows but I haven’t told my parents. Probably won’t tell them for a while either.

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  2. Phew!!! A collective sigh from here in Southern Illinois!!! I was hoping the holidays were the reason you hadn’t blogged in a while. Believe me, I noticed!! I’ve been checking back in case I wasn’t receiving email updates. I didn’t know if it would be too creepy to email you to see how things were going. You HAVE been missed and I’m eager to read your upcoming posts when you have your free time. 🙂 Happy New Year!

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