Alternative Christmas Cards

Some might find these offensive, sorry. I was shopping for Christmas cards recently and had trouble picking two.  One was for my mother-in-law who is very unwell and isn’t feeling at all Christmassy, and the other was for my brother who isn’t my favourite person at the moment. I could only find “Have a Wonderful Christmas and an Amazing New Year” type cards and neither were suitable for differing reasons.  I wrote a few alternative cards that I’ll never actually send because I’m too much of a people-pleaser 🙂

A card for a person you dislike:



To my mother-in-law who may be having her last Christmas and isn’t up for the celebrations:


For my fictional noisy DIY loving neighbour:


For that person who always chats at you in work and you will be glad to get a break from:


I actually love Christmas and wouldn’t dream of sending any of these.

Merry Christmas to you all.



19 thoughts on “Alternative Christmas Cards

  1. I understand why these wont’t be sent, but the one about the neighbor, I admit…gave me a chuckle. 🙂
    Based on your previous post, I hope your brother will re-consider & agree to at least ALTERNATE visits with his own family & the rest of your family.
    My sister & her husband does this. They would spend Thanksgiving with us…but Christmas with his family…& then alternate each following year..spending the next Thanksgiving with his family, & Christmas with us…& so on…etc

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  2. Of course…I like the cards! I especially like the one written for your work person…note that I didn’t say friend! I had one like that at school last year. She never, ever got my jokes which only served to make me think of more to tell her!!


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