Guest Blogger/s Required

Is it really only Day 19 of the Blogging University Course?  It feels like I’ve been doing this  course for ages. For Day 19 the task was to interview or have a Guest Blogger write on my page. I was supposed to invite guests/bloggers on Day 9 in preparation but I forgot to do that – oops!

For the Guest Post, I thought it would be fun for my guest to write a ‘How To’ blog. I have followers who are rich in knowledge and it would be fascinating to read what sort of things they could teach myself and other readers. I will be writing some ‘How To’ blogs on Human Resources and Parenting issues, but there is so much I don’t know that you do !

Who is interested in posting on my page? You could write about anything (within reason): Recipes; DIY; Relationships; Writing/Blogging Tips; Pets; Feelings…. I’m open to any suggestions.  The only requisite is that it should be no more than 1000 words.

What’s in it for you? Hmm. I could tell you I have 431 followers, and if you’re new you’ll therefore get greater readership.  Really though, you’d have to discount all of the Twitter Followers I have because only one of them has ever read my blog. The same goes for Facebook.  I do have 366 WordPress Followers. Fairly impressive!  I’m not sure exactly how many actually read the blog, but the number could be as high as 50 😉

If you’ve read this far and still fancy it, then please do contact me below. In the comments section you can tell me what your ‘how to’ would focus on. I will try to feature everyone on my blog if I get a few responses. On the other hand, if I get no  responses I’ll interview my myself 🙂

24 thoughts on “Guest Blogger/s Required

  1. you know for every 100 blog followers, you will be happy if you get 10 to really follow you or read your post. We all start blogging because we want to express ourselves, but then it soon becomes a numbers game. More followers, more likes, more comments… I would want to write…

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    • I don’t agree. I’d be interested in lots of ‘how to’ blogs you could write. How about Mindfulness, or creative writing (you’ve written something on descriptive writing before) or how to pull all-nighters on coffee alone? My self-interview would be rubbish.

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  2. Sounds like there’s a lot of bribery and corruption in this post, loloolololololol. Guest interviews is the hardest part of the course ’cause it has to be with strangers but good luck with it, am sure it’ll be awesome 😊

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  3. Omg, the pressure!! I don’t know how to do anything!! Ahhhh!!!! Wait, I can write about how to drive a manual transmission. There, something concrete. Lol. Lmk if you still need a guest, and I will be happy to come up with something better 🙂

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    • Thanks for reading. I’ve got back in the house late tonight but I will have a look over your blog in the next few days and give feedback. To be honest mines isn’t very good so I can probably take my feedback with a pinch of salt though 🙂

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