Just Us at Christmas

It’s Day 18 of the Blogging University Course – but I feel like it’s been going on forever to be honest!  The task today was to tell a story through a series of anecdotes: short scenes that are variations on the same theme.

This task was a conundrum to me; what could I write about that had a recurring theme? I figured most people will be getting bored with recent blog posts all being about me, so I’ve chosen to write a Christmas poem. It’s not particularly cheerful and the subject matter is rather controversial (in my family at least)!


Just us lot at Christmas.

Just the way we like it.

Just us and the kids.

Just for today.

Today’s a special day.


Just the same this year.

Just like every year.

Just us and the kids.

Just for today.

Today’s a special day.


Just us lot at the table.

Just a bit different.

Just us and them and partners too!

Just for today.

Today’s a special day.


Just us at the table.

Just different again.

Just us, one kid + partner.

Just for today.

Today’s a special day.


Just us at the table.

Just us.

Just us and no one else.

Just not wanted.

Today’s meant to be special.


They say today’s special.

Just them and their kids.

Just the way they like it.

We’re just not special enough

for them to spend it with us.

8 thoughts on “Just Us at Christmas

  1. Oh my, Beth… That poem is very impactful. (Is that a word?) It’s so sad and so very true for so many people. Thank you for bringing that up to remind folks. You know, when I was struggling with bad headaches the insurance suggested I go see a counselor. One of the things that came up was the hassle of Christmas and they told me I had some resentful feelings about that because I’d never made a Christmas just for my family. You know, I have NEVER been able to process the comment. And in my life where I am now I can see it from both sides. I’m still very torn about what she said.

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    • Oh it really is a time for heated emotions, isn’t it? I wrote a much longer blog but I started arguing with myself and deleted it! We tend to go between the parents, a sort of ‘shots each’ approach – but both sets always said we should do what we liked. I like hosting too. I know other folk who are put upon at Christmas and people take advantage. It’s all about getting a happy balance. We did love that one year it was only us – but it didn’t feel much like Christmas 🙂 My brother announced they’re having it themselves with the kids every year from now on. No flexibility there! They live 5 minutes drive away from my parents. It makes me very sad. My parents are the loveliest people and would (and do) anything for my brother. They sit themselves when I can’t go round at Christmas. They’re not getting any younger either 😦 Oh jeez, that was a rant – sorry!

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  2. I loved this, my daughters are 35 and 37 both with two children each, we make a point of getting together on Christmas Eve for a buffet, I never put pressure on them to see me on Christmas Day they both have mother in laws and other families…. Christmas should be a day to enjoy….. I can see them whenever, without expectations , you should enjoy yourselves and do what YOU want as a family 🎄

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