Day 16 of the Blogging University course and the task today is to Mine from my own work. That is, find something that I’ve written previously and take something from this to create another Blog Post. I’ve decided to write a poem related to my blog yesterday and also tie it in with the Daily Prompt word ‘abide‘.


Yesterday I wrote about me, and I’ve been thinking now that it really has been all over the place. In the end, I’ve followed the traditional route in life. None of us follow a guide book and yet there are expectations on us to achieve similar things in order to be a ‘success’ (certainly in my location). The career; the partner; the children (two preferred); the mortgage; car and so on. Perhaps this is why so many people are unhappy? They secretly believe they’ve failed because they’ve not conformed to the expected? I decided to write about someone who doesn’t bother with the ‘Guidebook of Life’ and does as she pleases:


No guide

No rules

How to abide

when she’s no clue?

What’s she meant to do?

Which one

School, Work?

Can she pick none?

They’re all assigned.

She’s here – left behind?

They’re grown

Paired up

She sits alone

She got to catch?

If she finds a match?

They breed

Two’s best

And still she’ll bleed

Broody she’s not

But told that she ought

They buy

Homes, cars

She’d rather fly,

Move around – flit

than have to commit.

No guide

No rules

Options are wide

Follow your heart

It sets you apart


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