The Final Day


It’s Day Fourteen of the Blogging University Course and for this I had to recreate a single day in any format. This can be a snapshot of the day or a complete day. I wrote a poem to describe parts of someone’s day:

Getting up on time

Gaping wounds filled with grime

Got to hide them from all

Keep on putting up a wall


Bus is late again

Bruised and battered by the rain

Black fog all around her

and she’s fading to a blur


Work’s the same old crap

Wanda worries that she’ll snap

Will any of this change?

Could she ever rearrange?


Hometime’s just as bad

Husband always getting mad

Hard to go on like this

When they all take the piss.


Not got any friends

No support through twisty bends

Numb and useless… blunt

Sees her bus – and jumps in front.


Don’t struggle alone. Please seek out some help if you feel like this. The Samaritans Telephone: 116 123 are always on hand. Please do a web search for your local helpline if outside the UK.

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