100 Word Fiction

Day 13 of the Blogging University and for this I had to play around with word count and challenge myself. As I don’t often write small amounts (unless it’s poetry) I decided to limit myself to 100 words. 100 word stories are called ‘drabble’. I didn’t know that an hour ago.  I also don’t write short stories so this is another challenge! You’ll now see why I don’t 🙂

I apologise for not coming on to WordPress to read my favourite Bloggers. I’ve been busy with work, college and also got a paid writing job!  I realise that they might now read this comment and worry that they’ve commissioned an amateur.

I’ve written two stories, although one is dialogue:



“I love you.”


“That it?”

“Don’t know. Really like you.”


“It’s early days. Y’know?”

“But I know my feelings for you already.”

“Look, I care deeply for you.”

“But don’t know if love me yet?”

“Don’t know. More than ‘like’.  It’s elevated.”

“How can you not know?”

“I might love you.”

“This isn’t a game. You’re playing me.”

“Now I’m thinking of it. Think I’m in love with you.”

“Really? You can turn love on like that?”

“Yes…no. I mean I do. I do love you.”

“What sort of person does this? I don’t even like you now.”




Every lunchtime myself and Lucy go there. Only place she settles.  First day the woman stopped, she said she loved babies. Recalled hers being small. That look in her eyes when she peered into the pram. She wants Lucy, I know. Day two, I stop at a bench to feed Lucy as usual. Woman nearby, staring. Planning? Day three she approaches – we move. Don’t trust her. Day four, the woman rushes towards us. I’m afraid for us and scream! Police are nearby and run to help. Relief!

“What’s wrong Miss? Is baby ok? This woman bothering…? oh… it’s a doll.”


17 thoughts on “100 Word Fiction

    • haha – I’m a bit rusty on the old short story stuff! Reading it back it is rather confusing. The police man said the doll thing at the end – but I didn’t say it was him. The lady was mentally unwell and thought the doll was her baby. The other woman was just concerned. I think that’s the problem for me telling stories, I sort fill in my own blanks because I know the story – forgetting that others don’t 🙂


    • Thanks. Reading the doll one back I can why it would confuse people though. I don’t have your gift for the short story. Need to get more training in. I enjoyed the writing job – I was writing a few pages for a website.

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  1. What fun and what fantastic writing experiments and experiences you have been acquiring here, Beth! I have never heard the term drabble before but I have heard of flash fiction or short, short stories for stories that are 500 words or less.

    I really enjoy reading these… the dialogue has some strong movement. I can almost hear the quick responses between the two speakers.

    And that doll story — brilliant. Creepy, unsettling, I love it.

    I have to say, I have been so inspired by the WordPress courses you have shared your progress on that I signed up for a poetry course through Coursera. This is completely the wrong time of the year (holidays, deep into grading), but I felt it was time to interact with writers in a structured course (and it is free – definitely check out Coursera if you have not!). Thank you for sharing your writing adventures here!

    Speaking of writing adventures, what is the newest one you mentioned in your post? I think this is wonderful news! Share details! Send me an email (bliss.o.birds@gmail.com) or post on your blog here. Congratulations!

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    • Thank you. How exciting that you’re signed up for a poetry challenge. I do hope you post some of your poems as I’d love to read them. I’m going to have a break from courses for a short time, but will look into this course for the future. The work was related to Human Resources -the line of work I used to do. I had to write a couple of pages on Interviewee Skills and Interviewer Skills and also write an About Page. It was an enjoyable challenge and the feedback has been good so far 🙂

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