What Should I Write?

Day nine of the Blogging University Course and today I have two tasks. For the first task I have to explain what I  would write if I had a time machine and could create more time for writing.

I would finish my book and respond to the Daily Word prompt every day. Perhaps I’d prettify the blog and create more category headings and sub-headings. It would be interesting to have a guest post every week from followers and those I follow and have those under a ‘guest post’ section. Maybe I would do none of those things, have another blog for only poetry and one for practical blog posts – I don’t have a clear goal at all!  I worry that if I had an infinite amount of time to write,  my time would be frittered away doing not very much.  Some paid writing work would be fantastic. This would keep me focused and I could justify the writing so that it’s not just seen as a hobby.

Unless I have college reports due in (which I do), I have enough time to devote to writing.  It’s the frivolity of it that’s the problem. It’s not making money, putting a home-cooked meal on the table or ironing work shirts.  It’s therefore viewed as me just sitting around on my laptop doing nothing useful. It’s my little secret – although it’s getting harder to explain what I’ve been doing during the day other than working or studying!  As mentioned in previous blog posts, I don’t like writing when others are around so I really have to write between 10am-2pm or after 10pm.

The second task today is for my readers and I would be very grateful if you could (please) respond. I have to direct you to my ABOUT page and ask you to email me with suggestions for future posts. I’m happy to write about most things. Here are a few things I could write about that I believe I have some knowledge due to work/qualifications/personal experience:


  • Job hunting, interviews or career progression (previous background in Recruitment and H.R.)
  • Child behaviour, activity ideas, dealing with large groups of children and most child specific things (current career).
  • How to talk to just about anyone (this is my talent).
  • A poem about something specific or a particular style of poem that might challenge me – perhaps a style I’ve never tried before.
  • An article on a specific subject. One I’d need to research and reference. Again, I’m open to suggestions.
  • Scotland.
  • A short story. To be honest I wouldn’t be overjoyed at the thought of doing this because I don’t think I’d be good at it. I’m up for a challenge though!
  • Anything else you can think of?


Please (please, please, please) do contact me via the CONTACT page and let me know your ideas. If you would prefer not to use the Contact page, then you can reply below in the comments. Thank you in advance.

26 thoughts on “What Should I Write?

  1. For some reason the link to open up to your home page isn’t working for me so I can’t access your home page. With that, I’ll just put my recommendation here. You could write about what helps or hinders you as a writer. Everyone loves reading about helpful tips. Or start a project (writing or no) and take us along the steps you take in the project all the way to the end.

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  2. I wasn’t able to reach your Contact page either but I’d love to see a post about Scotland. I saw some memes about it on Pinterest and I’m starting to think that it isn’t what my ignorant American self thinks it is. 😉

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      • So one of them was like an American view of Scotland vs. Actual Scotland. American view had this dude in a kilt with bagpipes (admittedly that’s what I thought Scotland was.) Actual Scotland had this drunk guy hanging from a lamppost. I want to know more now! 😂

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      • haha! Both are accurate. A little boy I look after plays the bagpipes, my husband always wears a kilt at weddings and drunk men hanging on lamp posts can happen too! I’d say Britain on the whole has a bad relationship with alcohol :-/

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      • In all fairness, I think everyone has a bad rap with alcohol. Americans it’s just beer all around (99 bottles of beer on the wall — hello?!) For Russians it’s vodka. Punjabi men are just notorious for drinking their senses away. And so many more stereotypes! 😂 Sadly, some of them are true. I won’t say which! You guess!

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