The Space to Write

Day six of the Blogging University Inspiration Course and the task is to write about my writing methods and space.  I considered writing about my view over the acres of land to the back of the house, ocean view to the front with private beach. I was going to describe how I sit out on the decking like Bette Midler does with her dying friend in Beaches, I tap away on my laptop whilst the wind blows through my hair and I inhale the salty air. I was going to tell you about how on rainy days, I hide in the West Wing as the nanny looks after my son on his designated floor of the house and my husband is away performing Open Heart Surgery. Just to liven it up a bit really, because the reality is dull.

This is more like the reality:

The space I choose to write can change daily and even by the hour. It depends on the weather, the company, my mood and the time I have to write. If it’s a sunny day and I have plenty of power in my laptop, then I’ll go out to the summerhouse and write in my warm sunny den. My husband wanted it (I wasn’t fussed) and so we got it last summer. He’s spent a handful of days in there and so it is really my space. When we get the other 1,000 things done in the house that need doing, I’ll get some electricity in there. I went for a (sort of) Colonial Style and bought everything second hand from Gumtree. Hence the mismatched wood.


 If I’m writing college reports or something I’m not particularly enjoying, I pick my most uncomfortable spot. I’ve never considered why I choose the dining room – probably because I don’t want to stay too long and therefore sitting upright and at a table encourages me to get a move on with the task in hand. The radio is in there though and it is a nice room when it’s dark and cosy.


Finally, the living room is where most of my writing takes place. During the day when I have no children to look after, I sit on a sofa facing the windows.   Not a great view out of the windows – it’s a road. People often look in my windows and (this is strange) I get random parkers all the time, several times a day.  There is a strip of land between the pavement and road where we park. “It’s not our space” my husband says, when I complain about the Chapel visitors parking there. It’s outside our house though so I think it should be. Anyway, people stop in their cars, sit for a while, then drive off. Sometimes they’ll get out and rub (what looks like) imaginary dirt off their car. They’re not picking anyone up. Other times they’ll sit for a minute then turn their car and go. Weird, huh? That happens several times a day.  Different cars, different people. Come to think of it, there was that time last year when a Helicopter followed our car for 20 miles. I thought it might be a training exercise (or we had a fugitive hiding in our boot) but maybe there’s more to this?

So, back to the very exciting blog post explaining where I write.  If I’m in the living room I always have my feet up, laptop on my knee, tea, music. The majority of my Blog Writing happens either before 2pm or after 10pm. I often go to bed too late. This is my night-time writing position:


The room has to be dark, with little dim lights around. I’m not keen on other people being around when I’m writing. I will write when my husband is nearby but I can’t fully immerse myself in the writing, so I prefer not to.The door has to be closed, never, ever open. I need music in the background. None of our music is available because my husband switched the music server off. Yes, he calls it a server. I married a Systems Engineer. I’m stuck with Amazon Prime Music all the time and usually play delights like ‘Background Acoustic for Work’ because writing is serious business.  If something isn’t too taxing then anything upbeat goes. Cannonball by the Breeders just came on the ‘Best of Prime Indie’. It reminds me of being in nightclubs in Glasgow when I was young and fancy free.  I spend a lot of time skipping tracks on Amazon Prime Music. 

So those are my writing habits. Exciting, eh? I was supposed to add an additional task to the end of this post. However, because I doubt anyone would have made it through, I’ll put the task on my next blog post.

24 thoughts on “The Space to Write

  1. great trip behind the curtains…….i can relate to your habits……..words just stop flowing when someone is around……and the music……it has to be on…..otherwise, nothing is going to get done…….and i am an engineer…….but i don’t call them servers!
    here mostly dogs chase our cars……no fancy helicopters…..
    and i dream about what you said in the first para………maybe sitting on the balcony of a fancy hotel in Paris, and that big tower in front……writing a love poem…..

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  2. Nice, insightful post. I particularly enjoyed the stream-of-consciousness-like deviation about parking spaces and helicopters. 🙂 And there is something about preowned furniture that is so much more inspiring I find.

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  3. I SO get what you said about not liking to write when others are around. I have a problem writing when ANYONE’S in the house. Even downstairs. It’s like their spirits invade my space and soak up my energy or something. Even the cat makes me feel that way. LOL Btw, I love where your fireplace is so close to the table. I’m always cold.

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  4. A wonderful look into your writing world. As others have stated… music and solitude for writing tend to be a must for a lot of us. I love that you are sharing this writing course with all of us… thank you!

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