Names will Always Hurt

“The best index to a person’s character is how he treats people who can’t do him any good, and how he treats people who can’t fight back.”
Abigail Van Buren

It’s Day five of the Blogging University inspiration Course… well no, it’s actually Day 8 but I’m behind! For day five I had to create a block quote on my page and discuss.

I’ve chosen one from American columnist Abigail Van Buren. This quote reminded me it was anti-bullying week in the UK last week and it coincides with experiences I had over the weekend. Experiences I’ve buried deep and tried to forget were brought to the surface. It wasn’t me being bullied by this person, but a vulnerable person unable to fight back. Yet again. The poem is all over the place; but with so much going on in my life at the moment (I’m dramatic)  it’s quite fitting.

I cleared out my brain. Picked out those scathing words –

ones that caused pain. Dug a hole, buried

them deep.  Negativity joined the heap.

They disappeared into the ground.

Made way for fresh words – peace was found.

The dog kept digging but I shooed it away.

“This isn’t your garden to spoil,” I’d say.

I patted that dirt back down.

Pat, pat on the grass. There, there.

Yesterday the pack came around. Tore up my garden,

messed with the ground.  I couldn’t stop them.

Words ripped the flower bed apart. Mayhem.

Trampled tranquillity, goaded Calm.

They welcomed fragility.

Can’t fight much longer. Anger is strong.

Frustration stands by, thinking it wrong.

Sadness lays on the flower bed.

Happiness plays dead.

There’s too much mess.

I can’t put them back underground.

Sadness refuses to move. Hello stress.

There’s too much to fix.

Those old dogs and their tricks.

Your scathing words in my head again.

Negativity joins pain.

Anger’s bolted.

There’s no fight left.

Feeling bereft.

They’re winning.

You’re winning.

17 thoughts on “Names will Always Hurt

  1. Nice one….
    We will stay strong
    Continue to prove them wrong
    This is what we have chosen
    To keep to our words
    We need to fight them…
    🌟 🔆🔅🌟🌟🔆🔅🌟🌟🌟🔆🔅
    At the end we would be the star

    I love this post… We shouldn’t allow the words we don’t want keep driving in our minds…. Bcux the more we give them freedom to do so… The more depressed we will be…..

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  2. Regardless of how many times we hear that old quip, “Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words can never hurt you,” we know deep inside it’s a lie. The seed of an unkind word is like a weed that germinates and spreads its root system everywhere. Then as we live our life, til the garden of our being, we keep turning over the soil to find good fallow ground, and like a pervasive wild morning glory, there it is again! Your poem captured that idea beautifully. 🙂

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    • Thanks. I agree. I can remember every unkind word anyone has ever said to me – more so than anything physical. It’s difficult to forget. That’s why I feel it’s so important to teach our children to be kind.


  3. Oh my God, as soon as I read the quote my mind immediately went to the bullies in my life. And the poem expresses bullying so truthfully. I’m so glad that bullying is treated with the seriousness that it deserves nowadays. I was bullied before it was considered a real issue.

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      • I guess I just read through the lens of my hope that the gardener would prevail! 😊

        I will add then (also from a lens of hope), that I like that you wrote the last two sentences in present progressive tense rather than past tense (“you’re winning” vs “you’ve won”). This tells me that the story isn’t over, that “you’re winning” for now, but that I’m going to come back stronger and stomp you back into the ground.

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