Tether’s End


Another poem for Day four of the Blogging University Course. For this, I had to pick a photo from the ones they provided and write a poem relating to it. It’s a sad one, sorry.

The woman in the photo immediately made me think of a close friend, so I’ve written the poem with her in mind.  I’m worried for her – there’s a lot of resentment going on in the house and she’s feeling so worthless that she tried to end her life recently.  She changed her mind, went home to her large family, got cleaned up and never told anyone.  My friend felt they’d think she was being ‘stupid’ anyway. She didn’t think they’d care.

Damp pine tree scent fills the air.

Rattle, click, squawk –

wood fanfare.

Secret place from everywhere.

Tether’s end now –

Nothing’s fair.

Hidden wounds she cannot share.

Can she stay here –

would she dare?

Could she leave them –

would they care?

Would they miss her

from their lair?

Will they worry –

get a scare?

Give a shit for her welfare?

Would things change or

go nowhere?

Who could help them to repair?

“Is there a god?

If so, where?

I’m worth nothing –

in despair.”

Everyone is worth something.  My friends family would be devastated to know she’s feeling like this. We’re all unique and special – but sometimes we can’t see the Wood for the Trees. You can contact The Samaritans  in the UK for support. This can be for a chat and you don’t have to be suicidal.  Alternatively search the web for support local to yourself.

10 thoughts on “Tether’s End

  1. Depression is an illness of contradictions, sometimes it’s difficult to understand ourselves which makes expressing things difficult, which in turn leads to more isolation, it can be very perplexing for somebody to witness. I hope she gets better. There is plenty of support out there.

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  2. People would be amazed if the knew how many of their friends felt this way… This was a excellent poem. And a friend of mine on here got help from the Samaritans a long time ago. They kept her alive through a difficult period in her life…

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