Services no Longer Required



It’s day four of the Blogging University Course and the task today is to write a poem relating to the photo prompt. There were four photos and I struggled picking just one. In the end I’ve picked two and I’ll post the other photo and poem later. I’m also doing two because I’m procrastinating over my mountainous college homework assessments, business paperwork and housework.

I thought the man in the photo could be sad and lonely. I started thinking that perhaps his wife has gone and I wondered what his life could have been like.  It’s a depressing one, but sadly many older people can probably identify with being thrown on the scrap heap when adult children don’t need them anymore 😦   I realise families are often scattered now and it’s difficult to get the time. This is about those who are local, used their parents services for years and now they’re not useful and therefore a burden they don’t want.

Sitting alone;

grieving, bereft.

She’s 2 years gone –

what’s now left?


Thinking way back;

busy, complete.

With their close pack –

life was sweet.


Children all grown;

partnered, attached.

Nest is now flown –

babies hatched.


Helping them out;

childcare supplied.

Without a doubt –

never denied.


Aged in a blink;

aching, tired.

Kids never think –

service required.


They withdrew

when hard times knocked.

Impatience grew –

empathy blocked.


She’s underground.

Lonely, apart.

They’re not around –

broken heart.


Where did they go?

Family craved.

Nothing to show

for love they gave.

19 thoughts on “Services no Longer Required

  1. Well that made me a bit teary… I know I had a hard time meeting my mom’s needs after dad died. I guess I feel convicted by your words. I find it interesting that the picture conjures up negative images. It did for me, too. First thing I thought of was feeling like he’d lost God in his life. Why is it, I wonder, so many of us interpret pictures like that in that way… Wonderfully evocative poem, hon.

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    • I’m sorry it made you feel bad. We have some difficulty with our family too. They say the ‘middle ages’ are the hardest dealing with younger and older generation needing you. I had some particular people in mind when I wrote this, who don’t seem to try. Of the four photo prompts, three negative poems were in my mind. I’ve written another depressing one which I’ll post later.


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