Lovers Tiff

**This post has bad language, insults and threats of violence.  If you’re offended by this please don’t read on.**

This poem is based around a conversation I had with someone who had fallen out with her boyfriend. I was worried she was going to hurt him.  Again, apologies for the swearing. Swearing is quite common in the West Coast of Scotland – think of the sweary Comedian Billy Connolly. This wasn’t funny though but all was good in the end.  She took herself away from him for a while, realised she was hormonal (understatement) and had a nice long bath.  They’re still together years later. I was worried that someone would get hurt at the time though.

You self-righteous prick.

Condescending, patronizing –

talk to me like I’m thick.

Blind to your own faults

and others’ efforts.

Venom filled assaults.

You self-righteous prick.


Want to squeeze your face,

not stopping –

in a painful embrace.

‘til your eyes start popping

out of your spiteful

fucking face.

You self-righteous prick.


I want you to stand next to

a bonfire

then I’ll push you inside.

Engulfed in flames I’ll watch

you expire.

Then you’ll not be so snide.

You self-righteous prick.


But I know my mind’s unsound.

A visiting demon has me pissed.

I’ll bathe with flickering candles around.

Soothing music on my playlist.

Scented oils, lavender and camomile.

Tempered fury, rage confined.


But stay away for a while

with your words unkind.

If not, run a mile –

I’ll be of unsound mind.

13 thoughts on “Lovers Tiff

  1. Sometimes it just goes like that, doesn’t it? I came to the conclusion in my 30’s that for my mom and dad spats were just foreplay! To each his own, I guess. Glad they stuck it out. Sounds like it was worth it.

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